Example sentences of "[noun pl] [pron] i " in BNC.

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1 By early November however , as the Dublin lock-out attacks against leaders of the trade unions and the Labour Party who seemed to be obstructing his plans for a general strike , not only in Dublin , but throughout Great Britain , vilifying them as " serpents whom I shall allow to raise their foul heads and spit out their poison no longer " and as having " neither soul to be saved nor body to be kicked " Almost overnight , support for Larkin turned into denunciation of his reckless methods and of his policy of attempting to bleed British unions of funds in support of sympathy strikes which seemed destined either to fail or to lead to unwanted revolution .
2 The BMA called a press conference on the emigration of doctors an hour beforehand , half the journalists went off to that , and the fierce women sent along by the pressure groups whom I had invited to liven up the occasion terrorised the few press men who remained into almost complete silence .
3 I saw quite a few artists whom I wanted to represent on the trip .
4 erm now what then is the position what is the nature of the criticism or the claims being made by the group of palaeontologists whom I 'm going to refer to , for reasons that will become apparent , as the punctuations — because I mean they would call themselves punctuations .
5 Rather than remarking on seasonal changes in the surrounding foliage , the majority of New Yorkers whom I met would relish a detailed discussion about the subtle fluctuations in Real Estate Value .
6 Now er sure the programme has been delayed for all the reasons I I 've mentioned .
7 I 'm there twelve hours I I .
8 at times I I , er , yeah they 're awful !
9 Jean Henderson had been a quick pupil at school ; so was one of the 1910 survivors whom I interviewed , Ethel Brechin .
10 Many Frenchmen whom I met on several occasions at the Training Centre at Achnacarry and on the South Coast of England had also gone , either killed or wounded .
11 Dad 's on my erm thought I was ever so good no I usually have baths I I usually got erm
12 But that about the shops I I never knew .
13 Four clearly identifiable characteristics which I have found in all the new churches — worship , fellowship , evangelism and training — are discussed in the chapters that follow .
14 ‘ Warrender display a few guidelines which I always follow , ’ said .
15 Most of the good songs which I heard about came to me that way .
16 On a video-film made at Highlander entitled ‘ Save our Land and People , ’ a variety of these groups speak to each other about their own problems and possible solutions , hopes and fears , and I think it is no accident that some of the most beautiful music and evocative songs which I have heard for a long time comes from these people .
17 ‘ On my tour I 'm going to sing My Funny Valentine and Some Enchanted Evening — songs which I would never have tackled before .
18 It was also a revelation to see the wildlife — birds and animals which I had only seen in Zoos were free for me to enjoy .
19 Now it was that I had a chance of discarding or of adapting to my own purpose the fine words and infinite variety of constructions which I had formerly admired from afar off and imitated in fairly cold blood .
20 The letters gave him the chance of ‘ discarding or of adapting to my own purpose the fine words and infinite variety of constructions which I had formerly admired from afar and imitated in fairly cold blood . ’
21 The presentational aspect involves all kinds of different considerations which I shall come to presently , but what they boil down to is this : what can you do to make it easier for the communicator to communicate and the audience to receive the required message — with minimum distraction ?
22 Apart from the considerations which I mentioned a few moments ago , it would indeed .
23 Could I take er , a minute and , and just try and look at the steps that you 've gone through and I , I tried to write down as you were doing it , giving your presentation , the steps which I think everybody eventually went through either formally or informally and I think if we look at these steps you 'll agree yes , I needed that and I did that or , we did n't do it formally .
24 Rose used the book to sell vines too , ‘ my self also with so plentiful a Stock of Sets and Plants of all those Sorts which I chiefly recommend , that those who have a desire to Store their Grounds , may receive them of me at very reasonable Rates ’ .
25 Politics tends to develop and generate within all large groups of people , but in the bad organizations which I have described politics dominates everything .
26 SUMMERCHILD : Yes , well , I have made a list of organizations which I believe would be interested in giving evidence …
27 … a particular account of the soil , productions , mountains and lakes which I observed in my journey thither … but I have lately heard that Reeves is taken by the French .
28 This was more a psychological war of attrition than a physical threat , but it was on just such an occasion that we used what might be called our only " weapons " — a couple of pairs of plastic , luminous , blood-shot eyes which I had picked up in an American novelty store over Halloween .
29 On the one occasion when I made a direct appeal to her , in connection with the battle against the closed shop for journalists which I describe later , her response was gratifyingly supportive and it was no fault of hers that she was unable to persuade Lord Hailsham to a course of action that might well have altered journalistic history .
30 ‘ There 's another legacy of £1,000 , this time to his friend Martin Burger , ‘ more than enough for that new pair of spectacles which I hope may improve his judgement and help him to see the obvious . ’
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