Example sentences of "[interj] i [vb mod] " in BNC.

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1 Aha I can
2 Oh I 'll get my own back Tomorrow
3 Oh I 'll stay for this .
4 Oh I 'll give you all that , it 's alright .
5 And er , we 'll be a part , I know as councillors , Labour councillors we are caught in a trap because due the financial constraint that the government has placed upon us there is very little we could do but , oh I 'll get I I er crumbs of comfort from the speculators who may decide to give us a few social housing .
6 Tablets control epilepsy very , very well now and you can go for probably years without an epileptic fit , then all of a sudden erm somebody will think oh I 'll try leaving off my medication and of course they have a fit .
7 Oh I 'll believe that when I see it .
8 And there 's this attitude that goes along , so some people will say ‘ Oh I 'll take stats ’ , y'know , ‘ regardless of whether I personally think [ they ] ought to be taken . ’
9 Did you see how nice the man was when he started to talk to Jason oh I 'll go and help you how friendly he was he was conning him , he was tricking .
10 Er a lot of people think , Oh I 'll just write the way I talk .
11 And you 'll just think Oh I 'll give up .
12 And she said , Oh I 'll give them two biscuits each .
13 Oh I 'll start .
14 Then she 'll say , " Oh I 'll look after the baby . "
15 So in the end I said to the chairman oh I 'll , we 'll leave the , we 'll forget the video .
16 When you 're doing your annual burn out when you 're burning all the weeds and you might think oh I 'll get rid of this .
17 Oh I 'll tell my wife about that and that 'll that 'll that 'll put put a stop to that piece of nonsense .
18 Oh I 'll let it be known that your mother is a very good instructress .
19 Oh I 'll go and tell the boss he can
20 People stared running to their doctor cut finger , where previous they would have said , oh I 'll have a an aspirin and a cup of tea .
21 Erm if we can just sort of work out in our own minds what , I , I do n't want addresses or anything like that , so do n't say oh I 'll break into number six , or anything like that but just anywhere in the area of Farnsfield imagine houses yourself , is to what sort of type of house we break into .
22 Whe whereas the building trade would say oh I 'll take you , you 're a friend of mine , I 'll take you you 're a friend of I can take you , you 're a friend .
23 you 're thinking , Oh I 'll er er I think I should know this and erm
24 Oh I 'll do anything .
25 Oh I 'll get that sorted out for you .
26 Erm , take this example here , er , I 've got sales being calculated , say units , times the price , C four times C six , now I want to add a product B so I might , I might be here and think oh I 'll insert a row here and copy the formula and go up to there and insert a row , and so on .
27 Oh I 'll go there and finish that perhaps this afternoon or tomorrow , anytime there 's no-one 's to go there only me now is n't it .
28 Well I Oh I 'll tell you I 've got er a a photo a girl .
29 Oh I 'll never forge oh she was the most miserable child that God every created she was honestly .
30 People say oh I 'll take it from minus five to plus five .
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