Example sentences of "[modal v] just [noun] " in BNC.

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1 And we should just sort of say what is necessary to find out and everybody gets a few telephone numbers or telephone calls check out addresses find out about new ones , get in contact with the district council erm what is in the pipeline .
2 What it is le let's just sort of get things , as I say in a new build situation if you were having a new house built
3 Let's just book into a hotel . ’
4 You may just sort of er form a picture in your mind just sit there and lip read sort of concentrate .
5 I 'll just dose off here
6 Now I 'll just Carl I think and put the on .
7 ‘ I think I 'll just kind of duck down in your pocket if that 's OK , chief .
8 I 've got to solve it or she 'll just re-route me to some tedious filing-clerk 's job !
9 There obviously are n't more than thirty one days in a month but we 'll just practice then counting from twenty now and we 'll stop at thirty nine
10 I 'll just tea up there cos she has a tablet does n't she ?
11 I 've already put in our comments in writing on this to Chris and I 'll just sort of draw some of them save me repeating them .
12 Erm I 'll just sort of er talk briefly about sort of main trends and , and sort of output and orders and so on and then go through in terms of some of the implications that results as regards to employment and domestic crisis .
13 And they 've got ta try and walk backwards I 'll just sort of go whoop !
14 Right , this is an extremely good slide , I did take this myself , erm of the actual dress of the eighteen forties , I 'll just sort of point out its components .
15 Could we just go on to twenty one and we might just sort of stop this part of the lesson there .
16 As for his arm , she decided , it could just fester and drop off as far as she was concerned .
17 He could just beef-up .
18 But , you know you could just George .
19 If I just knew where he was prepared to stand and then could just sort of do the things round about .
20 I mean if you were being really dangerous and you wanted to die soon you could just sort of get a piece of bare wire and
21 You could just sort of tuck it in here under her waistband .
22 Chairman I 'd just David Allenby Harrogate Borough Council .
23 I 'd just time to read it when the girl returned .
24 You know I would , I 'd just sort of
25 Erm for instance , you go to one meeting and erm you would just sort of , mind you I think probably you may not agree , young people perhaps think this is the best way .
26 ‘ At table he would just glower at his food and refuse to talk .
27 Mr Tim Godfray , director of the Booksellers Association , said : ‘ If you have a complete free-for-all , supermarkets will just cream off the top 30 bestsellers . ’
28 he 's retired , but he 's , he 's been quite busy with this Festival , but I , I said to him , now what I 'll do is maybe come and you and him and Jane maybe kind of will just sort of have a quick confab sometime just talk about what he wants , and he will be kind of happy to do that with obviously we 'd have to find a drop of money to pay for the tapes , I mean that would n't be huge and expensive .
29 Right you then get your baby , you 'll see the midwives doing this , you stabilize the baby pelvis , because otherwise it will just sort of go all over the place wo n't it , and this doll is , is fairly fixed , it 's not a very soft thing like a baby and you , with your hand you put your finger which is about the same length as the baby 's finger is n't it ?
30 So the engine will just sort of push the table down .
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