Example sentences of "[modal v] be [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 He watched the vicar 's face waiting for the thunderous ‘ thou shalt be cast into the eternal fires ’ glare but he only smiled and shook her hand .
2 ‘ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ ( His work ) and thou shalt be saved . ’
3 Seek the Lord while he may be found , call upon him while he is near , let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man is thoughts and let them return to the Lord , for what 's gon na happen , for he will of compassion on him and to our God for he will abundantly pardon those words were very quoted from Acts , chapter sixteen , when that Philippine jailer said Lord what must I do , sir what must I do to be saved and there Paul timac believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved this is God 's way by repentance in faith that 's presented in Jesus , he is the only saviour , not your works , not my works , not our good deeds , not our religious observances , he is the only saviour , did he not say himself I am the way the truth and the life , nobody comes to the father but by me .
4 Be on the look-out when Pelagianism sets in : ‘ Thou shalt be justified by good works ’ , by doing the vicar 's mall , by the way you read the lessons , by the work you do towards the Christmas bazaar !
5 Then said he , I am Saint Lazarus , and know that I was the leper to whom thou didst so much good and so great honour for the love of God ; and because thou didst this for his sake hath God now granted thee a great gift ; for whensoever that breath which thou hast felt shall come upon thee whatever thing thou desires to do , and shalt then begin , that shalt thou accomplish to thy heart 's desire , whether it be in battle or aught else , so thy honour shall go on increasing from day to day ; and thou shalt be feared both by Moors and Christians , and thy enemies shall never prevail against thee , and thou shalt die an honourable death in thine own house , and in thy renown , for God hath blessed thee ; — therefore go thou on , and evermore persevere in doing good ; and with that he disappeared .
6 All the leaves will drop away , and should be cleared up , rather than left to rot , or they will encourage pests and diseases to build up in the greenhouse .
7 All local dust , dirt and rubbish should be cleared away , partly to remove conditions congenial to the beetles but also to facilitate treatment with insecticide .
8 I will fax confirmed orders to you once I have arranged signature here — this should be cleared by Wednesday afternoon .
9 In any event obstacles should be cleared .
10 Vice-chairman Geoffrey White said that the showmen 's vans on the western end of the site should be cleared by April next year .
11 When a document has been saved it should be cleared from the screen before typing in a new document and not merely deleted ( which introduces the danger of unknowingly overwriting the file just saved ) .
12 Clean inlet strainers and outlets once a week ( more , if required ) and all tubing should be cleared of obstructive algae and detritus with a propriety hose brush every few months .
13 The overhaul of trams to catch up on wartime neglect was taking longer than anticipated and it was decided that Purley depôt , still standing out of use , should be cleared of the war damaged cars collecting dust in its interior and be brought back into use as an annexe to Charlton Works where painting and certain other work could be undertaken .
14 The files should be cleared out regularly and out of date records removed and placed in the ‘ dead files ’ .
15 One important concern should be cleared up before proceeding .
16 A sort of little ar a pathway should be cleared there of natural York paving stones , so that you bisect the marketplace , but not immediately in the middle .
17 May I point out , however , that it is not only for the convenience of passing citizens that mentally ill people should be cleared from the streets ?
18 In the presence of the Patronage Secretary and the Leader of the House , may I suggest to the Secretary of State that his personal position , because of the very sensitive job that he does in Government , should be cleared up before this day is finished ?
19 In practical terms , the information contained in the tombstone should always be general rather than specific and should be cleared with the parties named therein in advance and we should aim to ensure that publication does not breach the heads of agreement , confidentiality terms , sale and purchase contract or other agreements .
20 New ground should be cleared of perennial weed , removing deep roots of docks , thistles and bindweed .
21 The injury niggles involving Tony Cascarino , Andy Townsend , Packie Bonner and Terry Phelan should be cleared up by 2.45 on Wednesday afternoon when a capacity Lansdowne Road will urge the Republic towards another giant step to Group Three qualification .
22 The commissioner had statutory jurisdiction to decide whether the road verges should be registered as common land .
23 ‘ We will not examine all of them but we will take random samples and check to see if anyone who has registered for gross interest also has a file at one of our tax offices — which they should not normally have as only non-taxpayers should be registered for gross interest .
24 Pupils ' progress should be registered against these levels : level 2 should be assumed to represent the performance of the median 7 year old ; level 4 that of the median 11 year old ; the boundary between levels 5 and 6 that of the median 14 year old ; and the boundary between levels 6 and 7 that of the median 16 year old ; ( d ) assessment should be by a combination of national externally set Standard Assessment Tasks ( SATs ) and assessments by teachers .
25 The UK has decided that UK-registered EEIGs should be treated as bodies corporate with separate legal personalities like companies and should be registered with the Registrar of Companies .
26 Additional targets set by Minister for Social Security Peter Lilley include : the identification of at least 40,000 extra self-employed people who should be registered ; a £12m increase in returns from identified Class 1 NI underpayments ; a £13.3m increase in payments of arrears ; and efficiency savings of £2.6m. 95% of customers can also expect a response to their enquiries within 10 working days .
27 To be eligible an enterprise should be registered in an EC member country and have a product or process aimed at a transnational market .
28 75% of employers are failing to meet the requirement that 3% of their staff should be registered disabled ( p 102 ) .
29 So , like UAPT and CD with whom we have discussed this , we think Certificates of Satisfaction should be registered automatically and thence filed with the bureaux .
30 Pupils ' progress should be registered against these levels : level 2 should be assumed to represent the performance of the median 7 year old ; level 4 that of the median 11 year old ; the boundary between levels 5 and 6 that of the median 14 year old ; and the boundary between levels 6 and 7 that of the median 16 year old ;
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