Example sentences of "[modal v] be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 When thou wast young , thou girdedst thyself and walkedst whither thou wouldst ; but when thou shalt be old , thou shalt stretch forth thy hands and another shall gird thee and carry thee whither thou wouldst not .
2 Good God , what was he coming to , that his previously monastic life should be tottering , if ever so slightly under the impact of a pretty minx who had invaded his chaste home ?
3 ‘ She 's from Washington , ’ the manic Rickie explained , in a tone of voice which suggested I should be impressed .
4 ‘ And I suppose , ’ she said disdainfully , ‘ that I should be impressed , since , of course , you are the guardian of the whole world 's wisdom .
5 This means Punch should be cynical to some extent , As for ‘ reputable ’ , that 's the last thing Punch should be .
6 The Goldsmiths , exasperated that all their efforts should be unappreciated , had finally lost their patience .
7 In fact my honourable friend , the parliamentary under secretary of state for the department of trade and industry who 's responsible for deregulation is also the sponsoring minister for one of these orders , namely the one on the insurance companies , and secondly our intention is that the cost here should be negligible , or nil er in that they do n't go beyond er what is already required or or possible by way of a right to report , here we 're imposing a duty to report .
8 They do , however , produce a forum in which all of the questions will be asked , where all who should be listening and responding are present , and where all those involved in the ‘ total child ’ can contribute to an individualized solution .
9 He pointed out that , as Production Manager , my work should be supervisory and that I should encourage younger producers by dividing all my shows between them .
10 ‘ . Vocal music should be monodic , as simple as such popular tunes as the ‘ Romanesca ’ ( see p. 237 ) or those of laudi and villanelle , with an accompaniment too simple to distract the listener .
11 Exclusive : For accountancy reasons and facilitating identification of stock usage stores should be exclusive to the area or cost centre serviced .
12 Baxter was concerned that the work of conversion should be thorough .
13 There are many aids to beauty available and no lack of advice on the correct use of make-up , but one should bear in mind that use of it should be discreet and not overdone .
14 These people should be supportive of animal welfare , of course , but with the understanding that being in support of animal welfare is perfectly consistent with utilising animals for human preferences and interests .
15 But seek an adaptive reason why a particular organ should be extra large or small and ye shall find
16 With regard to day space this has been agreed on a provision of 4m2 per patient and it was also suggested that in addition to providing that space for each resident , there should be extra space to accommodate 2 day patients per sub section .
17 But the project should be complete next year and 6,000 British workers face an uncertain future .
18 THE FIRST of the government 's promised annual reviews of research in Britain is almost finished and should be complete by the end of this month .
19 There should be complete silence except that the leader should say ‘ No ’ quietly to everything she touches until she touches the chosen object when everybody shouts ‘ Yes ’ .
20 Several share KPMG 's view that ‘ the responsibility paragraphs more logically belong outside the report ’ and that ‘ if an uncertainty is properly disclosed in the accounts , such accounts can present a true and fair view without the auditors having to refer to it … a set of accounts should be complete in itself , without having to read the audit opinion ’ .
21 At the present level of staffing the project should be complete within ten years , with the German funding providing for two members of staff for three years .
22 Tivoli has around 100 customers worldwide and is looking for an OEM deal in the Far East around the end of the year by which time its internationalisation efforts should be complete .
23 IBM is expected to ship OSF Distributed Computing Environment for OS/2 2.0 , 2.1 and Windows 3.1 in the summer — DCE for MVS should be complete by year-end — whilst Novell Inc is readying a DCE NetWare loadable module which will allow DCE clients to see NetWare files .
24 The transaction should be complete by May 17 .
25 It has 100 or so customers worldwide and is looking for an OEM deal in the Far East by year-end , when its internationalisation efforts should be complete .
26 CDC 's EP/IX version of Unix is currently being melded into SGI 's Irix implementation ( UX No 421 ) , a job that should be complete by the end of the year .
27 Restoration work beginning this summer should be complete by autumn next year .
28 The preliminary analysis should be complete by autumn 1993 .
29 And then at the end , that they should be complete failures .
30 Environmental performance has also been reviewed at a number of companies and this review should be complete by the end of 1993 .
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