Example sentences of "[be] [noun] for " in BNC.

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1 However that may be , there are reasons for thinking that the abandonment of England , and of any hopes for her , was not much less momentous for Pound than it is for his English readers .
2 Consciousness is structured and there are reasons for supposing that this structure differs with the socio-economic situation of the experiencing subject .
3 These reflections on the mediating role of authoritative directives and of rules generally explain why they are reasons for actions .
4 They are reasons for holding that it is not binding .
5 This belief , expressed in the legal doctrine of novus actus interruptus , is that a person is responsible for his own actions , and others are not responsible even if they induced his action by suggesting that there are reasons for it , or by behaving in ways which led him to form such a belief .
6 In this sense one is neutral only if one can affect the fortunes of the parties and if one helps or hinders them to an equal degree and one does so because one believes that there are reasons for so acting which essentially depend on the fact that the action has an equal effect on the fortunes of the parties .
7 There are reasons for believing that the official UK unemployment figures , measured as the number of people claiming benefits , may understate the actual number of people unemployed .
8 Here too there are reasons for reversing the priority .
9 There are reasons for believing that if the above liberal reforms were implemented , they might not significantly reduce the volume of corporate crime .
10 There are reasons for this , reasons rooted in social circumstances rather than natural abilities and these can be highlighted by examining the period between Johnson and Ali .
11 Given these considerations I think Warnock is wrong to claim that there are reasons for saying that the baby saw these things .
12 If , however , the Chief Inspector decides there are reasons for conducting an investigation in greater depth , he will order an inspector 's investigation to take place .
13 But there are reasons for thinking his pleas to the Bosnian Serbs to accept the peace plan were sincere .
14 For earlier times , though , there are reasons for doubting certain simulations .
15 OSF/1 on MIPS customers are mostly policy-led companies who want the operating system to come from an independent source , although there are reasons for changing , according to Stone , including loadable drivers for accommodating new graphics options and shared libraries that reduce the size of the applications .
16 There are reasons for Cardus ' confidence .
17 This is one of the reasons why fertility is expected to rise a little in official projections , to 2.0 ( OPCS 1989a ) , although there are reasons for believing that these high expectations will not be matched by performance ( Shaw 1989 ) .
18 Neither does she consider the possibility that there are reasons for doing degrees other than as qualifications for jobs ; therefore humanities degrees are a ‘ waste of time ’ .
19 If this points to the importance of the implicit dimension , then there are reasons for not emphasizing an absolute and rigid distinction between the implicit and the explicit .
20 However , there are reasons for believing that these are the most appropriate lexicological units .
21 In syntactic theory , the verb is often taken to be the head of the sentence , but for our purposes , as we shall see , there are reasons for casting the subject in this role .
22 If it would be useful , but there are reasons for not holding a parade , the Code permits other , less formal , procedures such as a group identification and ( ultimately ) a confrontation with the witness .
23 These are reasons for recording rather than simply performing to the class but would n't audio recording do just as well ?
24 To put that another way , there are reasons for thinking that what an econometric model builder might believe is a good estimate of the constant structure of the economy is in fact no such thing , but rather an estimate of a relationship or group of relationships which are dependent upon a particular policy regime .
25 I hope that my hon. Friend understands that , although it is unusual to contribute at this point in the debate , there are reasons for it .
26 Although no direct connection can be shown between the revolt of Gundovald and the conspiracy of 587 , there are reasons for thinking that the two affairs may have been related .
27 The three Masses and the Gradualia have been championed a great deal in recent years , sometimes meshed with one another in the ‘ liturgical reconstruction ’ manner , although there are reasons for believing that Byrd did not have that in mind .
28 So situations are reviewed and we do look at monitored traffic flows for example , we do look at our justifications and if there are reasons for a change we can go back , so it 's not irreversible by any means , that is the current committed preferred route however and I did n't want to give an indication that by changing the diagram we were saying everything 's opened up again , cos clearly we 've reached a stage that the County Council 's declared it 's a preferred route and that 's
29 or , or alternatively because I have n't , I have made this clear throughout , I come to the conclusion that the , the questions as posed erm or posed in any court which any one has yet suggested really ca n't , ca n't be answered or , or there are reasons for not answering at this stage whatever it may be
30 I 'm more concerned about erm future possibilities , not least the possibility that the , if we fight the next European election under first past the post system then of course there will need to be a further set of boundary changes in the very near future arising from the parliamentary boundary commission proposals and I hope that again that the minister will take the change in in his remarks a little later , to assure the house that this was , because of the time constraints and there are reasons for that that I 'll come to , but because of the time constraints that this was in fact just a one off proposal because its sad that party political considerations that the minister has eluded to , the difficulties that Conservative party had over the Maastricht bill , caused our boundary procedures to be tampered with at all in the U K. At the same time as we 're seeing er a welcome expansion of democratic forms in the rest of the world in erm Eastern and central er Europe , in South Africa for instance we see the erosion of these forms in the United Kingdom .
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