Example sentences of "[be] [noun] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 " I am Nenna James .
2 The two specific areas which are currently under consideration are Sentence Planning and Pre-release Programmes and SCOTVEC modules are seen as being central to these initiatives .
3 Before his reorganisation began , " Kitty " Laidlaw , who had been Allan Hayhurst 's right-hand support for twenty-nine years and had latterly served the BDA in the capacity of administrative Secretary in the office at Carlisle , decided to retire .
4 And if you want to play then there are guitar classes too .
5 Soon he discovers that of the seventeen people present , thirteen are students ( representing about a quarter of those enrolled on the scheme ) , two are support workers and two are full-time tutors .
6 ‘ I am King Stephen 's sheriff of Shropshire , ’ said Hugh , ‘ and in pursuit of that same errant saint .
7 There are horror stories about things that went wrong ! !
8 THERE are horror movies and there are Japanese horror movies and without being remotely racist it is a proven fact that in the Land of the Rising Sun they like their severed limbs , blood and gore with knobs on .
9 It says because her boss would of been Kenneth Clarke is it ?
10 There must have been text books around at one time but I can not even identify any titles let alone suppliers .
11 They are daytime hunters , flying with their six legs crooked in front of them to form a tiny basket in which they catch smaller insects .
12 When this happens the rest of the school , who along the way have trained with the successful runner , may have beaten him on occasion , have been course markers , marshals , timekeepers , supporters and team-mates , really feel that sport is n't just another soap opera glimpsed on television or paraded through the back pages of the newspapers — it 's something that they are actively experiencing at first hand for themselves .
13 had been Hull University 's social secretary and was a successful agent representing British and international artists .
14 All set for a festive lunch at Grampian Transport in Aberdeen are driver Frank Evans and his colleague Neil Warden , who were being served by CCG 's manager , Isobel Walker .
15 There is little evidence that Mr Perot 's supporters are deficit hawks who conclude that everyone in Washington is weak-kneed on deficit reduction .
16 Some traditional dates for the cuckoo 's arrival , known as Cuckoo Day , are Sussex April 14 , Hampshire April 15 , Worcestershire April 20 , and Bedfordshire April 21 .
17 Many strains of Bacillus thuringiensis , for example , are insect pathogens because they produce insecticidal chemicals and , as Payne ( 1988 ) has discussed , there are now a number of commercially available strains which are used to control a variety of insects .
18 Other batsmen dismissed frequently by him are Allan Border , Graham Gooch , David Gower and Malcolm Marshall ( all 10 ) , Gordon Greenidge and Zaheer Abbas ( 8 ) , Jeff Dujon , Desmond Haynes , Kim Hughes , Javed Miandad and Vivian Richards ( 7 ) : a distinguished catalogue !
19 The latest victims are Allan Ludman and Nicholas Coch , whose Physical Geology has a slight edge over its competitors in that it includes a series of rather handsome colour plates .
20 Its affiliated DEC and IBM-oriented business are impec Computervertriebs GmbH and Xeltec Computervertriebs GmbH , both of Tuebingen , Germany , Xeltec AG in Buelach , Switzerland and transtec Computers Ltd , Banbury , Oxfordshire .
21 His three consecutive victims , incidentally , had been M. J. K. Smith , Peter Walker and Fred Trueman .
22 Maybe , now that they know it works and if they are embold-Clare Shearer as Rosina ened , it will grow during the run into the big , bold bellylaugh it ought to be , forgetting operatic pretensions to high art and closer to situation comedy .
23 We are very good at supplying international blue chip companies who are brand leaders in their fields .
24 They are Marc Cory and Captain Gordon Lowery .
25 They are General Pavel Grachev and Mr Andrei Kokoshin , deputy head of the USA–Canada Institute , a prominent think-tank .
26 In fact the commonest cause of death on the hill in the last three years in the Lake District has been heart attacks .
27 Well it , it must have been heart trouble the earliest memory I have of that is mother sending me with a neighbour out of Street , a Mrs , to tell my Aunt Lucy which was my dad 's sister , who lived in Street house , house was right opposite their gateway , now Aunt Lucy and there was er her family she w married a fella in and her daughter , her son and me uncle was my dad 's brother , I lived in the house with her , but er I remember tagging this Mrs from the Street down to Street along road and past the hospital , then along Walk and I up in Street , and er tagging Mrs and er Mrs had never met Aunt Lucy and er me Aunt Lucy suffered , what in those days they call it white leg , a woman 's complaint she was bedridden and er when we went in she must have asked why we were there , Mrs was a little bit flabbergasted and I blurted it out oh me dad 's dead , and me Aunt Lucy nearly went into hysterics , so that 's , that 's all I can manage I remember about that .
28 The most important exponent of this view has been Michel Foucault ( 1977 ) .
29 The most notable representative of the latter has been Michel Foucault , who has remorselessly continued the critique of totalizing forms of history and the disavowal of a general philosophy of history in favour of strategic ‘ genealogical ’ analyses .
30 Over the past decade many synthetic bone fillers have been made , almost all of which are calcium phosphate or carbonate-based ceramics .
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