Example sentences of "[conj] must give " in BNC.

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1 Where roads are crossed , raised crossings are provided , with ramps from the road up to the cycle-street 's level and markings to indicate clearly that it is crossing cars that must give way .
2 Microsoft also continues to press for acceptance of its proprietary LAN , e-mail and other technologies as standards despite the existence of de facto and de jure standards supported by desktop Unix systems , a position that must give users pause .
3 Beau Ranger , as expected , has top weight of 12st and must give 24lb to Prize Asset .
4 I was one of those asked to provide an opinion or two for the Murray investigations , and must give them credit for thoroughness of their enquiries and for most of the conclusions they reached .
5 People wishing to collect semen or inseminate goats , or vets wishing to transfer embryos must be in possession of current licences from the BGS and must give requisite prior notice to the BGS Office of their plans .
6 " The decision maker must understand correctly the law that regulates his decision-making power and must give effect to it .
7 ‘ It is clear that when the section 8(6) procedure comes into operation it is for the police officer to make the decision whether the sample to be provided shall be a sample of blood or urine , but the police officer must convey to the defendant that the sample to be required may be of either blood or urine and must give the defendant an opportunity to consider which sample he would prefer to give if the choice were his and any reasons he has for that preference .
8 He can luff you , but rule 40 says that , prior to the start , luffing must be slow and must give you room and opportunity to keep clear .
9 Illegality meant that the decision-maker must understand correctly the law that regulates his power and must give effect to it ; irrationality connoted Wednesbury unreasonableness ; and procedural impropriety covered a breach of natural justice or failure to comply with the procedural rules in the enabling legislation .
10 Where an indication that any of the terms of a credit agreement impose on Customer a lesser expense or obligation than those of others eg ( ‘ Low Cost Finance ’ or ‘ Special Rate Finance ’ ) then the advertisement must be a full advertisement and must give equal prominence to the names of the other people concerned and their terms .
11 The court must draw up a timetable " with a view to disposing of the application without delay " and must give directions to ensure that it is adhered to ( s33(1) ) .
12 Perhaps there are clues in the archetype of the Great Mother ; we must bear in mind , though , that we can not go back to some primitive image of the priestess , but must give it life and meaning in today 's terms .
13 The main purpose of Marx 's economic theory is to explain the phenomenon of surplus value in the capitalist system and the reason why capitalism as an economic system can not survive but must give way to socialism .
14 If the petition has not been served within sufficient time or at all , the petition creditor can apply for an adjournment but must give the reason why the petition has not been served ( r 6.28 ) .
15 Where there is a judgment for personal injuries ( or death ) which exceeds £200 the court has no discretion but must give interest under ( a ) above unless the court is satisfied that there are special reasons to the contrary ( see Jefford v Gee [ 1970 ] All ER 1202 and Birkett v Hayes [ 1982 ] 2 All ER 710 ) .
16 The court may terminate a guardian 's appointment at any time but must give its reasons in writing for doing so .
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