Example sentences of "[conj] could give " in BNC.

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1 A clause such as the following will be included : To the best of the Managers ' knowledge , information and belief no event has occurred or is likely to occur which will or could give rise to any claim under the warranties or indemnities given or to be given under or pursuant to the Sale and Purchase Agreement .
2 WHEN director Alan Rudolph cast cute couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in his suspense drama Mortal Thoughts , little did he know the pair would do over $200 million of business this summer ( with Die Hard 2 and Ghost ) , an unexpected boost that could give the arthouse auteur a much-needed hit
3 There is not the amount of direct questioning that could give an interview the air of a lawyer/witness relationship .
4 If we win against both Spain and Japan that could give us a shot against South Africa in the quarter-finals , which would be tremendous news for Scottish rugby back home ’ , said Rutherford .
5 For example , members might claim to be disadvantaged in an open hearing in putting forward a defence that could give rise to legal action for defamation or breach of confidence .
6 Largest aircraft to leave the Museum and the one that could give the most problems when it comes to moving it , is former Spanish Dornier Do 24 flying boat HD5-1 .
7 But questions will be asked about a defensive unit that could give away three goals .
8 Junior and Senior cataloguers participate in a profit-sharing scheme that could give a salary uplift of up to 12% .
9 After a careful examination of all these factors , the Layfield Committee concluded : ‘ a local income tax ( LIT ) on personal incomes , levied according to where people live , is the only serious candidate for a new source of local revenue that could give a substantial yield and at the same time maintain or enhance accountability ’ ( Layfield 1976 : 190 — 1 ) .
10 The danger of serious conflict occurring on the border was anticipated in a motion proposed by the United States and carried in the General Assembly in 1949 authorising UNCOK to observe developments on the border and to report back on clashes that could give rise to war .
11 ( i ) The main requirement of water for textiles is freedom from solid particles in suspension or from substances that could give rise to solids in processing .
12 The little terraced houses , with gardens front and back , that Loudon advocates have now doubtless been demolished as substandard , for each floor could measure as little as 12 feet by 12 feet ; but they were not only a great advance on the slum housing in industrial towns ; they provided interiors that could give the domestic virtues at least a chance of growth .
13 ‘ Was it possible , ’ I wondered , ‘ to find a drug that could give each side of my character its own separate face and body ? ’
14 It is not hard to find suitable populations of bodies that could give rise to the observed range of crater sizes today — more on this in section 6.4 and in Chapter 8 .
15 Thank you for sending me further information on your ideas that could give Blaenau Ffestiniog 's market hall a new lease of life appropriate to the Twenty-First Century .
16 Just now he 's working on a deal that could give him a big say in the life of a lady who 'll ‘ definitely ’ be in the Top Ten within weeks .
17 C T that could give us C C T plus any other form of constant
18 But it was still comforting to have with us little Liena , our 19-year-old interpreter who was a very competent rock climber and all-round mountaineer , for she had climbed Elbrus in the past and could give assurance that we were on the right course .
19 He won the Mildmay of Flete at Cheltenham two years ago at 66–1 and could give Robert Bellamy a memorable ride .
20 However , he had a peculiar knowledge of his own , and could give information such as no one else could impart . ’
21 The career support scheme , which would be voluntary , would put people seeking advice in touch with others who had already experienced their particular problem and could give them the benefit of their knowledge .
22 If that were to be fully reflected in a lower real exchange rate ( the nominal rate adjusted to take account of changes in UK output prices relative to those elsewhere ) , competitiveness would improve significantly and could give a boost to growth .
23 However , some natives at this time became unreliable guides and could give away a patrol 's position .
24 Quite amazingly I hear that the selectors are undecided about taking the best wicket keeper Jack Russell — and could give Yorkshire 's Richard Blakey a first major tour on the grounds that there will be eight one-day international games .
25 It was only after some years that he found the Thun-Hohensteins , who had also taken refuge in Bavaria , and could give it back to them .
26 The low-cost 7100LC version of the Precision Architecture RISC that Hewlett-Packard Co is developing is generating growing excitement , and could give the company a significant edge in winning space on the desktop of the future .
27 But that part of it which is used in your business would n't be exempt , and could give rise to a gain .
28 Bearing in mind your warm endorsement of our report ( to CPRW ) … and the widespread support it has received both in Wales and further afield , I trust you will actively consider taking an initiative which will receive general support … and could give considerable kudos as well as economic and environmental benefits to Wales . ’
29 One also knows about its possible colours , texture of fur , the noises it makes , and could give an estimate of its size and weight .
30 Group work within classes is possible , particularly if we were geographically close and could give one another support . ’
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