Example sentences of "[conj] would give " in BNC.

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1 Of course , there may be those who would argue that the entrenchment of the middle ground in power would be a good thing that would lead to moderate government and stable policies , but let them not argue that it would also be fair or would give the majority of people what they wanted of government .
2 According to this view , de Gaulle was calculating that his resignation would produce a groundswell of popular annoyance with the parties or would give the politicians an opportunity to display their full incompetence — either of which outcomes would lead to de Gaulle 's rapid reinstatement , this time with a popular mandate to create the kind of constitution that he favoured .
3 On existing membership figures that would give constituency parties 26 per cent of the vote , and the unions 74 per cent .
4 He longed to do some real work that would give him some satisfaction at the end of a day , yet there seemed to be nothing for him to do .
5 In his West Berlin speech on a New Europe and a New Atlanticism , Mr Baker , who had earlier held talks with Chancellor Helmut Kohl , proposed strengthening Washington 's links with the EC , possibly through a new treaty that would give the US a formal presence in EC institutions .
6 He did not believe in the 1952 Global Strategy paper 's concept of a period of ‘ broken-backed war ’ after an indecisive nuclear exchange in Europe that would give the Navy a worthwhile role in the Atlantic in global war .
7 They ( and East Germany 's communists ) argued throughout the election campaign for a slower road to unity , one that would give East Germans the chance to negotiate some safeguards for their livelihoods .
8 He persuaded the Board in 1970 to recognise that a new kind of qualification was now required , one that would give status to the more ‘ creative ’ approach to drama in schools .
9 Knowing the mountains were there , Martha passed hours gazing upwards , waiting for a break in the curtain of vapour that would give her a view to the summit , her attention fixed at that mysterious level where the mist descended on the tree-tops and blotted out the perspective entirely .
10 In any case , I did not linger long enough — as I was obliged to explain to his lordship shortly afterwards — to hear anything that would give a clue as to M. Dupont 's attitude to Mr Lewis 's remarks .
11 It had to be something that would give the prospective punter some idea of the staggering depth and scope and thoroughness of Henry 's work .
12 He would deck himself out in the kind of clothes that would give most offence to her were she alive .
13 As the US and the Soviet Union discuss disarmament in Geneva the two super-powers continue to oppose plans for an international agency that would give other nations a look-in on their military manoeuvres .
14 ‘ How can I understand it , how can I understand it ? ’ he went on and on accusingly , as though scientists are to blame for not inventing a magic serum that would give him instant knowledge .
15 In Bettelheim 's search for material that would give ‘ access to deeper meaning ’ ( 1976 , p.4 ) he found currently-available children 's books ( in the 1970s ) superficial : ‘ most of these books are so shallow in substance that little of significance can be gained from them ’ ( ibid .
16 Do you have an enclosed unlit porch that would give a housebreaker some cover while working on the front door lock ?
17 There was intended to be time to descend , to retire through the covert and to supervise the fast , careful infill of stone that would give them their bridge when the walls fell .
18 Enthusiastically , curbing the dislike he felt , Hugo embarked on a plan that would give Grégoire a solid foundation in all the subjects he considered of importance .
19 He is unlikely to drive through the party the change in the culture of Labourism that would give any realignment depth and substance .
20 For this purpose , ‘ contingent liabilities ’ includes all transactions guaranteeing , underwriting , or pledging assets as collateral security for , obligations of a third party and ‘ commitments ’ includes every irrevocable commitment that would give rise to a credit risk .
21 But our concern was to find a church in Scotland that would give us the love and teaching that our family needed .
22 It scampered towards the cat door that would give it access to the bigger house at the end of the row , but suddenly it stopped .
23 Marking his way carefully to the door that would give entry to the parcels office , he shone his torch around him .
24 It was to be the first in a long line of pay battles that would give her a reputation for being one of the toughest negotiators in the business .
25 Frain should have joined Sunderland for £350,000 but the move collapsed when Birmingham chairman Samesh Kumar demanded a clause be inserted in the deal that would give Birmingham 25 per cent of any sell-on fee .
26 You simply need Garden Secrets , a unique range of authentic , easy to maintain structures that would give your garden an entirely new dimension of colour and beauty .
27 Even so , I thought it was worth persisting , trying to get her to remember noises , smells , anything that would give us a clue to where they were taken .
28 It is ushering a bill through the Diet ( parliament ) that would give shareholders with 3% or more of a company the right to inspect its management accounts ; at the moment they need 10% .
29 Hewlett-Packard Co is crossing itself to ward off any demons that would give it the same misery Sun Microsystems Inc is going through moving from Solaris 1.0 to Solaris 2.0 .
30 SCO , which got its Unix System V.3.2 licence relatively cheaply , is apparently trying to win concessions from Unix System Labs Inc in return for its endorsement of SVR4 , having behind it the leverage of its Unix-on-Intel base that would give USL a commanding share of the overall market .
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