Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] " in BNC.

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1 But the next day , afore I 'd gotten fettled up — for indeed , miss , I 'd no heart to sweeping an' fettling , an' washing pots ; so I sat me down i' th' muck — who should come in but Maister Weston !
2 Aye that was started afore I mind much about it .
3 It was stopped a while afore I mind .
4 You 're a wonderful s you 're a wonderful speaker but wait til I 've finished .
5 oh hang on a minute , wait til I 've finished please
6 I pledge to recycle as much waste as possible at home and/or I pledge to help organise recycling at work or at school/college .
7 I saw a Mummy examined that had been embalmed for 2,000 years ; the embalmer had taken out all the Viscera of the head , Thorax and Abdomen and cut all the flesh off the bones , and the cavities of the Thorax & Abdomen were filled up with Tar , Pitch & c and the form of the leg , Thigh & c were altogether made up of linen Rags dipp 'd in Tar , Pitch , & c so that I have an Opinion that they were allow 'd to carry the dead Body home by pretending to embalm it to preserve the Flesh & c , but you see they either buried or burnt the Flesh : this art always ‘ till lately appeared to me ridiculous as I know how soon putrefaction took place after Death ; since that time I have often thought it would be pleasing if we could fall upon a method of preserving dead Bodies & I thought that mankind in general would wish to have the Bodies of their Friends & c Preserved .
8 With respect to the embalming [ of ] Bodies , the methods that were commonly practised could , I know , have no effect ; at that time I read a good many Books upon ‘ Balsamation ’ but got very little instruction from reading these : according to my own Idea the best way would be to preserve the Body for some time that putrefaction should hardly be able to take place , & that it should gradually get rid of its moisture , & that , when it dried , it should have such imbalming juices in it , that it should resist putrefaction , & the insects at the same time be either kept off or destroyed : I set out with this Opinion & thought that something must be thrown thro' the whole Body : the when the Body was preserved , my Idea of getting rid of moisture was , to place the Body in some strong absorbent substance , & that substance which proved best I thought was Paris Plaister & I thought I could lay in a common Coffin such a quantity of Paris Plaister as would take out all the moisture & then I thought the Body should be rather in a wooden case than a leaden one because the Wood would assist the Absorption .
9 Shearer got number 3 & I thought ‘ soddit they 've bloody lost ’ , and turned off the Radio .
10 Readers in the Republic of Ireland can book by telephoning one of Butlin 's Dublin agents:B & I Line Tel : Dublin 778271 .
11 But Gentlemen for your deliberations to be useful they must be free — your opinions must not be shackled by authorities ; & I know that were I present your candor and delicacy towards me would be such , as to prevent that freedom of discussion and investigation , which is absolutely necessary to obtain a knowledge of facts .
12 To-day , I was a guest at 's First ( of many hopefully ) Nativity Plays … she was a musician … for 3½ yr-olds , they were all very good … & disciplined … which as you & I know is HARD WORK !
13 ‘ It is chilling to go among strangers , ’ he had written a few days earlier , ‘ & I leave a lovely country . ’
14 ‘ I have neither money or influence , ’ he hold Thelwall , ‘ & I suppose , that at last I must become a Unitarian minister as a less evil than starvation — for I get nothing by literature . ’
15 Julia , Ruth & I did this between us , but none of us had had any experience running the projectors , sound or lighting equipment beforehand .
16 As usual , the ‘ antiques ’ in the kitchen were things Bob & I used as children .
17 You could n't often get big sizes in them & I do n't think they did boys ' sizes in Dr. Martens — when they did , some girls wore them .
18 I 've forgotten when you said you 're going to Ottawa but if that 's really soon & I do n't hear from you before then , have a great time , I hope the meetings are short & the pints are big !
19 ‘ It draws all the Gentlemen to it whenever they are within , especially after Dinner , so that my Br Fanny & I have the Library to ourselves in delightful quiet . ’
20 I think I 've been up and down to the Big Smoke more times since Christmas than I have in the past two years — and the jaunt next weekend — at long last Mark & I have managed to use a Boots free train ticket voucher — two of us for £45.55 — Baaargain !
21 ‘ My reasons for so soon destroying my drawings were these ; though I dare say that they do n't appear so rational to any one but myself : I was obliged to limit the work — in order to get more subscribers — & to erase the drawings — because the expense is considerable for keeping them on , & I have pretty great difficulty in paying my monthly charges , — for to pay colourer & printer monthly I am obstinately pre-possessed — since I had rather be at the bottom of the River Thames — than be one week in debt — be it never so small .
22 ‘ I was always a bad correspondent , ’ berated Lear , ‘ but surely you are still more unconscientious , for when I do write , you answer me by a short scrawl — only one word of which out of every 2d can I decipher , & I have kept your last and only epistle to see if I ca n't sell it as an ancient hieroglyphic . ’
23 Othe possibilities include Brian Robson ( experienced international ) Ray Wilkins ( experienced & I think he 'd be pretty good ) .
24 Sadly , I 'm a bit of a pessimist & I think MUFC will win in Turkey … still a couple of weeks of good terrace chants on this one no doubt ! !
25 We had a very good time , & good weather , for the rest of our stay , & I think Richard enjoyed showing us the many attractions of his area as much as we enjoyed seeing them .
26 Seeing I played two rounds of golf yesterday … ’
27 And a call came over the radio that there was a problem with one of the pumps downstairs , so seeing I had nothing better to do at that time I went downstairs to give them a hand .
28 I was a damned good half for about six minutes , at which point some lumbering Neanderthal would drop his 17-stone frame on my more delicate structure , and I would view the rest of the game from the sideline , where I lay whimpering and counting broken bones .
29 The dancer , on her way back to the United States , took Dana in her VW to Lisbon , Porto and Bilbao , where I met them , then we drove all the way to Paris .
30 On my first day in Alaska I made a bee-line for the local radio station KFAR where I met the manager , Augie Hiebert and we spent the rest of the day talking shop .
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