Example sentences of "[conj] at [art] " in BNC.

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1 After a while , though , I started receiving letters from her , and on Sunday evenings my Pop would take me to the phone booth , where at a prearranged time I would ring a phone booth in Scotland and talk to her for 3 minutes .
2 A late election will also be acceptable where at a crucial time one of the signatories or a signatory 's agent was unavailable for unforeseeable reasons ( such as a serious illness ) and there was no one else who could reasonably be expected to stand in the agent 's shoes .
3 He then went to Jig Jigga , where at a mass meeting of Somalis he swore on the Koran that he was a Muslim .
4 The user is still firmly in control of what goes where at every stage of the document 's creation and the program has lost none of that intuitive feel .
5 That is because it is an area where Marx and Engels , misled by Morgan , went most wrong , yet where at the same time they made the best use of anthropology .
6 Yet his horizons were quickly widened to include the nearby town of Dorchester where he attended day school , and where at the age of 16 he was apprenticed to a local architect , despite his academic interests .
7 Again , it is a peculiarity of unfair dismissal law that an industrial tribunal does not have the power to consider the fairness of dismissal where at the time of dismissal the employer was conducting a lockout or the employee was taking part in a strike or other industrial action .
8 A widespread factor is found where real or suggested expertise is involved in a transaction and where at the same time it may be assumed that the customer is ignorant about what it is he is paying for .
9 The contrast painted between the intense , vibrant , imaginative life of the child outside school ( where at the end of the day the eight-year-old collapses into deep sleep a few seconds after rushing round ‘ being a lorry ’ ) and the drab , pointless monotony of his classes is as striking as it is disturbing .
10 PRE-EXISTING HEALTH CONDITIONS AND PREGNANCY — the only exclusions are in respect of any claim where at the time of taking out this Insurance ( i.e. making your booking ) the person whose condition gives rise to the claim ( whether the Insured , the travelling companion or other person not travelling ) is either : —
11 This was playing games where at the end of training there was no greater number of jobs available .
12 Paragraph 21 exposes a gap , pointing out that an innocent acquisition followed by a dishonest decision to keep or dispose of the property was in general not larceny and that larceny by finding was committed only where at the time of the finding the finder believed that the owner could be discovered by taking reasonable steps .
13 Tiltman was educated at Charterhouse School , where at the age of thirteen he was offered a place at Oxford University which the family was unable to take up .
14 Williams had gone to take up a post at Howard University , where at the age of 28 , he began what would become a meteoric rise through the halls of academia , ( Associate Professor in 1946 , at the age of 35 ) .
15 Her body , limp now , warm and damp with the evidence of his passion , lay passively against him , filling his hard , shallow male contours with the softness of her flowing curves , as she let her senses absorb him , his taste , his touch , the scent of him , the sound of his heavy , steady breathing , and the sight of his beautiful face where at the moment of consummation passion and compassion had mingled to win her trust .
16 Compare Morris , where at the moment of the price labels being swapped the shopkeeper retained ownership , the entire proprietary interest .
17 Thus , where at the outset it has been decided ( Clause 12.01 ) to leave the goodwill of the firm out of individual account so as to allow it to enure for the benefit of the continuing practice , or where , for similar reasons , revaluations of partnership assets have been ruled out , this should be specified ( Clause 12.02 ) .
18 Conversely I discovered that it could cut with the disc flat , or at a slight angle , and I can see it having benefits for very fine work .
19 If a member of the clergy officiates at a service in an unconsecrated part of a cemetery , or at a crematorium , the charge usually reflects the parochial fee for a similar service .
20 I have certainly been party to one or two discussions amongst friends , and as part of my work I take groups of young people away on climbing trips , most to very white-dominated areas where the mere appearance of a black face in a pub or at a crag is enough to cause stares and whispers .
21 It does prevent us from daring to say that a subject becomes part of education because you teach it in a school , or at a CAT or in a university .
22 Berkeley sees that , to his identification of mental ideas with real things , ‘ it will be objected that we see things actually without or at a distance from us , and which consequently do not exist in the mind ’ .
23 Have fresh fruit or sugar-free yogurt for dessert a minimum of three days a week ; the other days have low-sugar or no-sugar dessert recipes whenever possible ( e.g. unless eating out or at a friend 's house ) .
24 Many of the masters who lead the trips , and therefore either travel free or at a reduced rate , are surprised that so many parents can still afford further-flung expeditions .
25 It became known as the Doomsday Book and it took two years to compile , but it illustrated that England was then a land of extensive royal forests and open fields , with only a few townships in the forest clearings , or at a river crossing .
26 Such organisms have evolved their complex response repertoires as the means whereby they can relate to stimuli impinging from outside , either through direct tactile contact or at a short distance , by vibration or chemosensory means .
27 The more usual situation is where payment is ‘ at sight ’ meaning when the paying bank has examined the documents and found them to be in order or at a determinable future date — for example ‘ 90 days sight ’ meaning that payment will be made to the exporter 90 days after the paying bank has examined the documents .
28 If you travel on a flight from another airport or at a different time , or on a different day , a flight supplement is often payable .
29 Would it be in church or at a registry office Where would the reception take place ?
30 If it is of exceptional quality , there is a chance that it may be vested — either immediately or at a later date — in the Redundant Churches Fund .
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