Example sentences of "[conj] i give " in BNC.

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1 about analysis or me giving them the dream and I have to sort of like get out for myself what
2 I was obliged to write essays … where I gave myself up to an almost purely artistic rendering of such facts as I remembered , and such opinions as I could concoct by the help of memory , fancy , and the radical and the free-thinking influence of home …
3 I do my bedroom out every day — sweep it and dust the furniture and I do something else every day , like I dust the tops of the cupboards or I give the wardrobe a polish .
4 In I gave the book to him or I gave him the book , him would normally be considered thematic in FSP theory .
5 It is with no disrespect to her that I give him preference .
6 Different names may be current in my area , so that I give you information on the wrong fish .
7 The lessons of A Course In Miracles provide many wonderful affirmations such as — ‘ There is nothing to fear ’ , ‘ I could see peace instead of this ’ , ‘ All that I give is given to myself , ‘ All things I think I see reflect ideas ’ , ‘ Let me be still and listen to the truth ’ , ‘ Light and joy and peace abide in me ’ , ‘ Today I will judge nothing that occurs ’ , and ‘ The past is over .
8 The only messages that I give off are of faint delirium and desperate indecision .
9 I confess that I give pride of place to the story of his children on the occasion they organised a charade displaying a Crusader knight returning from the wars .
10 It 's only when I 'm writing an article that I give it its proper name !
11 It 's always the pressure that I give myself , and I 've given myself a lot of pressure this last year ’ , she revealed .
12 Do n't worry if you ca n't do it if you ca n't any of these any of these exercises that I give you by the way it 's not like homework it 's just for you to play with them to get the do them at your own pace .
13 The staff all know what 's got to be done and they go off and do it ; it 's just when jobs are different that I give them any guidance .
14 But it so happens , you might say well all these years retired I ca n't be much good at the job , you 'll be interested to know that I give talks to groups which include retiring tax inspectors .
15 ‘ How do you know what impression I have , and what makes you think that I give a damn what you and that boy get up to in your spare time ? ’
16 So I 'm hoping that this system that I give you will allow you to do that , anybody been a best man at a wedding ?
17 Oh dear me so I 'm hoping that the system that I give you will allow you to deal with all those situations as well as make a longer presentation where you do have some preparation time .
18 Every job that I give Kevin I write down a , a brief summary of what that task was , and I leave a gap of three lines .
19 But he complains that I give him the impression that I am holding back and am not fully committed .
20 Somebody I , ones that I give him that I thought he
21 It 's nothing , this is the way I deal with it , if I treat this job , if I go in to a shop or ask for any service I expect , you know , the same that I give , and basically speaking then I 'm pleased .
22 Well yes , but let me say that I gave up going to auditions well before I became well known through The History Man , on television .
23 Not that I gave it serious thought .
24 He 's trying to make out that I gave it to him when I gave him a spoonful of that … stuff …
25 It was at this point that I gave up any hopes for an aviation career simply because of the increasing high cost of hiring that DH Moth for a few hours every weekend .
26 It was in those days , when Margaret was still alive , that I gave my former colleague Peter Duval-Smith — whose private life and whose work as an academic journalist always seemed to be equally chaotic — the introduction to Braemar Mansions that he so much wanted .
27 ‘ Bear in mind that I gave my evidence after Blissett had been charged by the FA for a serious breach of the laws of the game — and the experienced commission of inquiry , which conducted a rigorous investigation into the incident , cleared him .
28 I think it was on that Sunday , but it may have been on the Sunday before , that I gave the last message from the Burma Broadcasting Service .
29 In a lecture that I gave in Rome I tried to show that in spite of what Thomas Kuhn says ( which has been much exaggerated by his followers ) , you can not write the history of any branch of knowledge , whatever it may be , from a completely relativist point of view .
30 ‘ And he just stood there , ’ Emlyn concluded , ‘ looking so desperate that I gave us both an enormous gin and tonic ! ’
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