Example sentences of "[conj] i you " in BNC.

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1 And Nurse Williams into the clinic to see her , they 're much younger than me you see .
2 Maggie 's only forty two , she 's only three years old no hang on six years older than me you 're two
3 ‘ And there 's me rambling on and you not knowing who the devil I am , nor me you … ’
4 Nor I you , ’ Sophie said .
5 Nor I you , ’ she said , amazed , and let her hand slip into his and be held fast .
6 I think for the time being I I 'd I 'd I 'd I 'd I 'd I think that it makes sense to be fully in control of it , I think that I you know have great faith in Virgin Atlantic , erm I think that it erm it 's got a great future , erm but erm er I do n't think it would be that easy to erm you know to I do n't think we 'd have partners falling over themselves to get into the airline business in in in this recession .
7 It 's as simple as that cos we could send you off to St Andrews or something like that to er to well I 'm just I 'm homing in on the erm on the golf on the basis that I you you 're er you 're representative for a a company that does is involved with golf equipment .
8 And and one that I you know , I 've in a way but er I thought well it 's er
9 Got coming up Friday well it means that I you know which I 'm gon na have to do anyway Saturday , so I 'll take him in and I 'll go down early
10 Ah this was really just Yona and and me you know I mean Yona obviously felt very strongly about her father standing in the rain on the picket line worked hard all his life an it had come to this really being sacked er they were just newly sacked then .
11 And I you know should be and I hope am alerting you to areas where er you know we are falling short .
12 And I you . ’
13 Erm t th certainly it makes me really angry that people have to struggle for the basics and I you know I I just do n't see how people who are on long term benefits , erm state benefits , can survive without getting into serious debt .
14 And I you … ’
15 And I you , Caroline , ’ He was smiling at her with his eyes , in a way which played havoc with her composure .
16 And I you , ’ she managed to say through the tears of relief that choked her .
17 Not to save your reputation , nor to satisfy society or your father , or even me — but only because you love me and I you ? ’
18 Erm and I you know would welcome a response from the County Council on on that point .
19 And I you , girl .
20 And I you , and always have .
21 And I you , my dear Emma , and I you .
22 ‘ And I you , my dear Emma , and I you .
23 Well I I think I I 've had my doubts from the start and I you have you 're iffy about it and I do n't want anybody whose iffy generally does n't make it with us .
24 To know you so completely that ever after you will be me , and I you . ’
25 You know , and I you know , I sort of told him .
26 I have , and I you know , there 's been many a day I 've thought cor I 'm really glad I 'm in , I 'm really glad that I did n't give , giving up day and there 's been days when I thought christ how the hell did you get through that day
27 In the end it must have been the right one because I was the best of all and I you know until five minutes before everything finished I just could n't make up my mind
28 and I you 're not
29 An and he 's taking up what might , we might want to or , or what could be portrayed as restorationist as being revolutionary where I , I 'm not sure that it fully was a revolution er a and I you see what Mao is saying is that there would have been a class basis for all of this , they were doing it as a class of peasant , they might not have been , they might have been doing it just for restorationist purposes .
30 It does erm yes , it does , in fact my husband was out there erm in Tel Aviv on a course about a year ago erm and I you know I 'm beginning to think I 'm goodness I 'm glad it was last year and not this year .
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