Example sentences of "[conj] i [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Why could n't he be my age , or me his ?
2 or me she said .
3 Or I him .
4 Or I I 'll start to read it .
5 I see alright well or I I invite members of the jury , the council wants to address me on some point of law which need n't concern you , so if you take a short break please .
6 Now I was ready to take on the guards and he was calming me , rather than me him .
7 And Nurse Williams into the clinic to see her , they 're much younger than me you see .
8 Maggie 's only forty two , she 's only three years old no hang on six years older than me you 're two
9 ‘ I could n't 'elp it , misses , ’ he sobbed , ‘ bigger than me he was , this boy set about me and when I was on the floor he kicked me and took the boots away from me .
10 yeah , yes and er she , but she was a bit younger than me she was more my young sister 's age , two years younger than me
11 If there 's a younger referee than me it 'll prove that someone has got real guts .
12 ‘ And there 's me rambling on and you not knowing who the devil I am , nor me you … ’
13 Nor I you , ’ Sophie said .
14 Nor I you , ’ she said , amazed , and let her hand slip into his and be held fast .
15 Although I I do n't exactly belong to it any more , but I said I 'd go down .
16 It had better not be it had better not yeah well you see see how important that I it it on the basis of your voice now you might as well walk out the door .
17 It was so lucky that I It seems so .
18 I think for the time being I I 'd I 'd I 'd I 'd I 'd I think that it makes sense to be fully in control of it , I think that I you know have great faith in Virgin Atlantic , erm I think that it erm it 's got a great future , erm but erm er I do n't think it would be that easy to erm you know to I do n't think we 'd have partners falling over themselves to get into the airline business in in in this recession .
19 It 's as simple as that cos we could send you off to St Andrews or something like that to er to well I 'm just I 'm homing in on the erm on the golf on the basis that I you you 're er you 're representative for a a company that does is involved with golf equipment .
20 And and one that I you know , I 've in a way but er I thought well it 's er
21 Got coming up Friday well it means that I you know which I 'm gon na have to do anyway Saturday , so I 'll take him in and I 'll go down early
22 The thing is that I I can do revamp it on computer .
23 I mean I 'm , I 'm , I 'm only going on the fact that I I tend to do everything on the cheap so I tend to get if I can find somebody who does photocopying I can do it then we 'll do it .
24 Er , the comment here the way that I have been used to doing these I found that I I like it and the kids can
25 That 's not to say that I I believe that the villages er some of the villages are incapable of of .
26 Yes , I 'm not sure that I I 'm going to at some stage .
27 Yes , yes , I a I accept that I I fully accept that anything which is received from anybody after the responses after the end of the enquiry .
28 Yes what I It 's usual to say is that I I desire or direct that no more than two should prove it .
29 So I hope I 've not complicated that I I always find it 's helpful to say this about this speaker this because no other speaker no speaker is here with a .
30 Poss possibly Roger that I I I 'm sure you 're probab I 'm sure you 're right Roger .
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