Example sentences of "[conj] i [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I did not know then what I was to find out later-that I myself was capable of a drastic re-ordering of the system .
2 Why could n't he be my age , or me his ?
3 or me she said .
4 I left the stores man wondering if it was him or me who was mad .
5 Or I him .
6 Thus day will follow day , and in the meantime the King or my donkey will die , or I myself .
7 Or I I 'll start to read it .
8 I see alright well or I I invite members of the jury , the council wants to address me on some point of law which need n't concern you , so if you take a short break please .
9 Now I was ready to take on the guards and he was calming me , rather than me him .
10 And Nurse Williams into the clinic to see her , they 're much younger than me you see .
11 Maggie 's only forty two , she 's only three years old no hang on six years older than me you 're two
12 ‘ I could n't 'elp it , misses , ’ he sobbed , ‘ bigger than me he was , this boy set about me and when I was on the floor he kicked me and took the boots away from me .
13 yeah , yes and er she , but she was a bit younger than me she was more my young sister 's age , two years younger than me
14 Er , my brothers brothers er older than me who were indeed er boys working in the pit , they did n't get , they did n't get any relief , or er any income .
15 If there 's a younger referee than me it 'll prove that someone has got real guts .
16 ‘ And there 's me rambling on and you not knowing who the devil I am , nor me you … ’
17 Nor I you , ’ Sophie said .
18 Nor I you , ’ she said , amazed , and let her hand slip into his and be held fast .
19 Although I myself believe that this statement is broadly true there are a number of serious research workers who now believe that it is false .
20 Although I I do n't exactly belong to it any more , but I said I 'd go down .
21 Yes Chairman erm , I 'm , I should like to draw attention to the paragraph three , two and wonder what happened to three , three , because er we see it goes from my copy goes from three , two , to three , four , so er I do n't know whether there is anything in three , three that I have forgotten , but I , I assume now that I which they 're are two other .
22 That night I lay awake , listening to the sound of children crying and thinking hard about the position that I myself was now in .
23 That I myself was hardly any more mature than he , was beside the point : I had no very high opinion of people who claimed to be mature adults .
24 I do not feel that I myself am at all psychic and I rarely dream — at least to know clearly on awakening what I have dreamed ; yet I have had in my life two dreams of foreboding .
25 Trying to put myself in his skin in that room at that time must not , of course , be taken to mean that the act contemplated and later committed by Miller is something that I myself could think of doing .
26 During the second section I will look at the activities that I myself was involved with during my time in post .
27 It puts into operation on a more comprehensive scale a proposal for English teaching pedagogy that I myself put forward , speculatively , as appropriate for the Indian context ( Widdowson 1968 ) .
28 It will be clear from what I have already said that I myself do not have a Christology and am not a Christian .
29 Instead , having conducted a further searching examination , he set me to the cataloguing of the little rituals , those magical forms of thought that I myself had developed in order to cope with the stress of eidesis .
30 That I myself did not like Syl was almost immaterial , since I deserved nothing better , but even with my penitential self-disgust it seemed unfair to me , and otiose , that my future husband should be so generally unpopular .
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