Example sentences of "[conj] it [conj] " in BNC.

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1 It was hanging over the side of the quarry , and she might have missed seeing it if the handles had n't been bright-red .
2 It , it came or it or it would be one of the depressions that the town has suffered from many times during the last fifty or sixty years .
3 The critics were more enthusiastic about Dustin 's performance as the eccentric clerk than about the play , which limped through eleven performances , although it and Dustin won Obie awards — off-Broadway 's equivalent of the Tony .
4 I heard Mr say I think that it that the view of the H B F was that the county had no ra right to make reductions in migration .
5 That is the problem erm in so far as initially er we felt that it that that the onus would be on the individual , I E if it 's a short term stay car park they would not use it .
6 But no , no , because we can make the assump , we can make the assumption that it that the that they could get it , if they do n't get it from us they 'll get it from whatever the prices .
7 The first form talked about it more than any one else , of course they squealed with laughter when they saw the poor Mary Lou Manselle and Gwendoline , all falling victims to the same spider , jolly clever spider said Irene , it means the only three people in the form that it that would be scared of it , I take my hat off to that spider , ca n't think why it chose my desk said Mary Lou , no , that was a shame said Gwendoline , poor Mary Lou it must of been an awful shock for you when you saw it , I wonder who put it there ?
8 No , I do not wish to give any sort of name to it because I do not yet grasp the true meaning of this ‘ presence' : all that I sense , however vaguely , is that it or he or He is not hostile .
9 Chuck 's parents have some pride and care about the upbringing that they give their child(ren) showing that it is Bob 's character that it as fault and that his attitude can not be blamed on his economical situation .
10 Except that it if it involved waiting in this corridor for much longer , one of the security cameras might start to register her despite all diversionary moves , and she should therefore now take a break of at least six hours before coming back here .
11 I know nothing about Mukden except that it and Blackpool are equally unlucky in their names .
12 It now seems that it and GCHQ are about to restart them .
13 Elf Atochem , the chemical subsidiary of Elf Aquitaine , has announced that it and Rohm and Haas are evaluating the formation of a joint venture in their acrylic sheet and granule businesses .
14 BA 's contention is that it and other airlines are heavily subsiding smaller AOC operators .
15 The Metropolitan Police says that it and other forces have increased ‘ sector ’ policing — putting an office in charge of a small area where he or she gets to know everyone .
16 There have been concerns for some time that IBM Corp was fast running out of cash — the UK subsidiary was reportedly ordered to factor its receivables by its parent at the end of last year after it ran out of cash for its operations , hardly a cheap way of borrowing for a blue chip company , and the Reuter report that it and IBM Credit Corp are seeking $4,600m of revolving credit in the international syndicated loan market ( see page seven ) , seems to confirm it ; at least one source told the news wire that IBM is trying to keep the arrangement very quiet , presumably to avoid generating more alarm than there already is about progress of its business .
17 Euro Disney has now admitted that it and Walt Disney are ‘ exploring potential sources of financing for Euro Disney ’ .
18 The common application programming interface that it and Hewlett-Packard Co worked on with Objectivity Inc , Ontos Inc , Object Design Inc and Versant Object Technology Inc , to allow developers to write programs that could utilise any object database — work that has been turned over to the Object Management Group — is a Spring technology ( UX No 362 ) .
19 Toshiba Corp has now been drawn into the IBM-Apple Computer Inc alliance following the announcement that it and Apple have an agreement to develop multimedia technology , combining Apple software skills with Toshiba 's expertise in semiconductors and consumer electronics .
20 Use a little star to indicate which is the asymmetric centre which kiral centre and all it means is that if you were to dra , if you had a a kiral molecule in other words , it had four different groups attached to it what it means is that it and it 's mirror image , this is the way you actually draw it and answer the questions you draw you draw it as if there was a mirror image .
21 You draw it to show that it has a mirror image so what you find in practice is that it and it 's mirror image are not superimposable .
22 The purpose was to show that he too used spoken language and that it and Tarvarian were mutually incomprehensible .
23 I do not write to you because you do not know the truth but because you do know that it and because no lie comes from that truth .
24 According to Ali , the Ayasofya medrese was already a 60-akce medrese In Mehmed II 's time ; and it appears generally to have been the case that it and , from the time of Bayezid II , the medrese of Murad II in Bursa ( the Muradiye ) and , more particularly , that of Bayezid II himself in Edirne , completed in 893/1488 , ranked higher in the first half of the sixteenth century than the Sahn in the sense that the muderrises appointed to them were normally promoted from the Sahn .
25 Now the Royal Hampshire Regiment faces the same challenge and I know that it and the Queen 's Regiment will wish to approach amalgamation in the most sensible and realistic way in the interests of both regiments .
26 Client accepts that KPMG is required to comply with the rules and the regulations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and rules and regulations of the SIB , the City Code and all other relevant authorities and KPMG undertakes that it and the Indemnified Persons will not breach such rules and regulations ( provided that this breach would not have arisen if Client had complied with the undertakings and warranties contained in sub-paragraphs 1 ) to 4 ) of this section ) .
27 Study of the operation of the valve shows that the servo air will completely seal the valve without the aid of the spring and that it and the diaphragm plate can therefore be eliminated together with the turned spigot inside the cover .
28 Study of the operation of the valve shows that the servo air will completely seal the valve without the aid of the spring and that it and the diaphragm plate can therefore be eliminated together with the turned spigot inside the cover .
29 That is um in Burstow 's clinical practice she reckons that um sometimes people say something along the lines of well well um perhaps it was my fault , I was flirting with him , and things like that it and these are people who maybe have been about five or six when the abuse has happened and so y'know do five or six year olds flirt ?
30 The mini virus would then be genetically engineered altering the control gene so it and would be triggered to work as a defence mechanism if the body became HIV infected .
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