Example sentences of "[conj] it [adv] " in BNC.

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1 seeing it not as a game between two teams but between his team and the opposition , a position which not only gave him a particular involvement , but also particular rights of commentary and criticism on the team , the management and the club .
2 Derek was a member of the duty crew that particular day and he remembers seeing the aircraft off , then a short time later seeing it back in again .
3 Seeing it there , foursquare in soot-streaked stone , with its barred windows , great studded iron door , and high walls trimmed with barbed wire , makes her think with a shudder of the men cooped up inside in cramped cells smelling of sweat and urine , rapists and pimps and wife-beaters and child-molesters among them , and her heart sinks under the thought that crime and punishment are equally horrible , equally inevitable — unless men should change , all become like Charles , which seems unlikely .
4 Seeing it there , the n the y name of your bank , the fact that amount that 's in the account , the the er gon details of your credit card , what 's your response to that ?
5 Seeing it yesterday for the first time , she had reflected that great tact would have to be employed for two women to share quarters this size .
6 For centuries , most religious traditions have debased sex — seeing it as dirty and sinful , or purely for procreation — and have advocated celibacy as a path towards God .
7 Seeing it anew , Flavia said , ‘ It is something ? ’
8 Hot air is circulated at a high velocity in the cooking cabinet where it instantly envelopes the food and seals the meat so that it remains juicy .
9 Much of the Alliance advance occurred in its traditional heartlands of the north , where it successfully exploited economic and political insecurities of the local bourgeoisie .
10 Voluntary effort is especially prominent in work with special problem groups — alcoholics and drug addicts , for example — where it both innovates and complements statutory provision .
11 Any models between the points where the ball strikes the ground and where it eventually comes to land are hit by the flying cannon ball .
12 NGF is normally taken up at nerve terminals and transported along the nerve fibres to the cell body , where it presumably regulates the amount of peptide .
13 Fearon looked temporarily nonplussed , then shrugged , tossed the towel back into the bathroom behind him where it presumably landed on the floor and growled , ‘ All right , I 'll show you around .
14 The archer fish lives in mangrove swamps in South-east Asia , where it frequently searches for food near the surface of the water .
15 Suburban Job-Link , a Chicago employment agency , runs buses from North Lawndale , the city 's poorest neighbourhood , where the unemployment rate runs above 20% , out to three western suburbs , where it barely hits 5% .
16 Once more , the critics placed his work where it honestly belonged , in the basement of B-movies , as were his next two , Back Door to Hell and Flight to Fury , both directed by Monte Hellman .
17 The latter flows down towards Standish itself , where it formerly provided the power for two corn mills in fairly close proximity to one another .
18 The east-west road has only been examined once since the 1920s , during excavations on the west gate , where it evidently comprised three separate surfaces ; the latest ( road III ) can probably be identified with Jack and Hayter 's later roadway ; the middle one ( II ) was contemporary with the mid fourth-century gate and may be a localized resurfacing ; while the lowest ( I ) must represent the east-west route in the preceding centuries .
19 The complex has been restored by a voluntary trust , and comprises two grinding mills with a wharf and crane on the Caldon Canal ; flint was delivered to the works by barge on the canal after coming all the way from south-east England where it mostly occurs .
20 Nynex Corp 's Nynex CableComms unit has bought three of the eight UK cable television companies that Pacific Telesis Group Inc 's PacTel Cable UK Ltd put on the market last June ( CI No 1,943 ) : Nynex has taken the Greater Manchester , Bolton and Derby franchises and while it did not disclose terms , says it plans to invest £1,000m over the next five to six years to provide local telecommunications networks in its British franchise areas ; the companies it acquired are in franchise areas where it already operates .
21 For its part , the Trades Union Congress has recognised the gap ; but its response has been primarily cosmetic , couched in terms of a public relations campaign which leaves power where it already is , and fails to address the crisis within the movement itself .
22 Part of that policy is the unlisted market group 's recent £7.2 million bid for Brabant Resources , where it already owns a 9.99 per cent stake and has irrevocable undertakings to accept its offer from holders of 11.4 per cent more .
23 His black curly hair looked crisp and shiningly clean , clinging close to the classic shape of his head , longer over a high , intelligent-looking forehead , and at the nape of his neck , where it just brushed the collar of his shirt .
24 Where it just pours out of your ears .
25 They see the range of responses from deep and bitter grief to awkward attempts to simulate grief where it no longer has relevance for the relationship .
26 In the case which we have just been discussing , that of the common , oppressed people , it is a question of the superego being degraded by alcoholic intoxication to the point where it and the ego can merge ( or , at least where it no longer chastizes the ego ) ; but in the case of the Inca himself we saw that it was a case of a pre-eminent individual whose ego was exalted to the point where it became the ideal ego of the entire civilization .
27 For practical purposes by the end of our period chattel slavery had retreated to the more backward parts of the Middle East and Asia , where it no longer played a significant agricultural role .
28 MRI has been much slower to develop than computed tomography , but its impact in those areas where it clearly has a substantial advantage has been enormous , namely the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system .
29 It is in neither 's interest for the contract to be kept in suspense indefinitely in circumstances where it clearly can not be performed .
30 Hence Jacobitism , the belief that James II and his heirs were the rightful rulers of Scotland ( and possibly England as well ) took far deeper root in Scotland than England , where it soon became the mere dream of a few impractical romantics .
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