Example sentences of "[conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Took a walk in the fields saw an old wood stile taken away from a favourite spot which it had occupied all my life the posts were overgrown with Ivy & it seemed so akin to nature & the spot where it stood as tho it had taken it on lease for an undisturbed existance it hurt me to see it was gone for my affections claims a friendship with such things but nothing is lasting in this world last year Langley Bush was destroyd an old white thorn that had stood for more than a century full of fame the gipsies shepherds & herdmen all had their tales of its history & it will be long ere its memory is forgotten .
2 Certainly the early universe does not obey the symmetry T : as time runs forward the universe expands-if it ran backward , the universe would be contracting .
3 Seeing it features in your catalogue , would you prefer me to send the copies back to you ?
4 It is possible to see the weather from a long way off , but as the people at Old Slains know , the weather then arrives at such speed over the surface of the North Sea that seeing it approach seems hardly sufficient warning .
5 Seeing it like this , it 's hard to imagine it packed with bodies , as it is at weekends when the weather 's good .
6 Where it occurs much lower down a recovery is unlikely , and the accident should be put down either to the failure to maintain a safe airspeed at low altitudes , or to bad planning leading to a situation from which a crash is almost unavoidable .
7 Isotelus is typical of the North American continent , where it occurs in many localities .
8 There is the concern for the physical manifestation of the problem , a place-based concern for where it occurs .
9 Where it occurs on open land , bird species characteristic of open country are replaced by those which prefer the limited cover afforded by young trees and are in turn replaced , as the forest matures , by those species which are forest dwellers ( Bibby 1987 ) .
10 The women 's movement and the Equal Opportunities Commission have assiduously pointed out unequal treatment of men and women in the marriage relationship when and where it occurs .
11 Where it occurs , we see students wanting to be immersed in a body of knowledge on their own account and in their own way .
12 Rapid population growth is a problem , because it increases poverty and ill-health in societies where it occurs .
13 Total exclusion of liability for failure to perform a contract at all is unlikely to be reasonable where it occurs because of acts or omissions within the control of the party in default , which are caused by negligence , incompetence or inadvertence but not wilful default ( " inadvertent default " ) .
14 A second technique is deconcentration — although functions may be departmentalised in a single central government department , it may nevertheless be desirable for administration to be dispersed from the geographical centre and into the regions and localities where it takes actual effect ‘ on the ground ’ .
15 In addition to rule-making , thereby reducing the degree of uncertainty confronting workers and management , it can also be a vehicle for resolving disputes , a power relationship and , where it takes place at enterprise or plant level , it may be regarded as a form of participation for workers or their representatives ( see Chapter 7 ) .
16 The present map ( figure 3.1 ) shows an axis of high density extending broadly south-eastwards from the southern Pennines , where it takes in the industrial conurbations of Lancashire , Merseyside , and South Yorkshire , through the Midlands to the London conurbation .
17 Children will enjoy seeing the chaos as Henry leads all the young animals out into the forest , where it takes the farmer a long time to catch them .
18 This Community law is applied through the courts of the Member States , where it takes precedence over any national law ; Martin Howe again :
19 The survey also pointed to two weaknesses : marketing ( where it failed to make the top ten ) and capacity to innovate ( where it came seventh ) .
20 I would send dignity to the devil , where it came from . ’
21 I have no idea who got that extra money or where it came from .
22 Fleming went on to describe how the nasal secretions of the patient ( himself , in fact ) were cultured , and how a round microbe or coccus first grew and then was destroyed where it came close to the nasal secretion .
23 The Undo command gives you a second chance when you delete a block of text in error by allowing you to replace it in the document exactly where it came from .
24 The term first appeared in the nonsense works of Edward Lear , but where it came from no one knows .
25 She had never questioned where it came from , though she knew deep inside .
26 Cadbury World is a permanent exhibition devoted entirely to Chocolate — where it came from , who first drank the mysterious potion , when it became eating chocolate and the part Cadbury played in this fascinating story .
27 We do n't know what it is or where it came from , but there 's obviously something in it ! ’
28 Where it came from goodness only knows , but it survived illness , unhappiness and the hum drum of Roundhay .
29 Is that where it came from ? ’
30 where it came to rest .
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