Example sentences of "[modal v] only [noun] " in BNC.

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1 After this he wound up by attacking Anglo-Catholics and ‘ Nonconformist ritualism ’ : why , he asked , should only ministers with their ‘ little May meeting bag ’ administer the Lord 's Supper : why not any Christian man or woman ?
2 Oh well you do it , I 'll only muck it up .
3 Erm , what I 'll also do , we 'll only sort of talk for about twenty five minutes , about the essay , and then we 'll look at sh writing short answers er , for the exam ,
4 No wonder , Blanche realised , Swod could only pinion his face into the imitation of a smile .
5 Aisha 's insistent words in the grain store , as she shook her gold earrings and the bangles on her wrist , urging me to stay at home , but I could only gaze at her shoes and marvel at how exactly they matched her handbag .
6 ‘ Why — is he going away quite soon ? ’ asked Felicity in dismay , and Breeze could only gaze at her in astonishment .
7 Since it was Dane 's name on the hoardings which had sold out the theatre on opening night and for several weeks to come , Josh 's kindness brought a painful lump to her throat , and she could only gaze at him in mute gratitude .
8 Startled , Theda could only gaze at him .
9 She could not look away , could only gaze back at him , wondering what he sought .
10 For a second she could only gaze at him , completely at a loss .
11 Stephen Pears made a fine save but could only palm the ball into the path of Steve Butler .
12 But on forty one minutes it was Milton who took the lead as new signee from A E R Harwell , Robbie Munn , was on hand to slide the ball home from close range as Matt Utteridge in the Bishops ' goal could only palm away Nigel Mott 's probing cross to send Milton in at the interval leading by a goal to nil .
13 But spending that hundred thousand pounds as we were told at the time , would only part solve the problem .
14 To cover herself now would be like doing a striptease in reverse , and would only emphasis her uncomfortable consciousness of her bare flesh .
15 For a brief moment it seemed that the rain still hesitated , that it would only patter dispiritedly on the dust-filled gutters where its drops rolled like quick-silver .
16 That would only distress her .
17 Would the lack of charitable registration impair non-taxable status totally , or would only investment income be taxable as in the case of non-profit making social clubs ?
18 Caps Lock will only type letters in upper case .
19 Furthermore , Matthew stresses that the task of telling men the good news and ‘ baptising them into the possession of the Holy Spirit will only De theirs after the cross and resurrection have given them a gospel to proclaim and a Spirit to receive ( 28:19 ) .
20 Gould , forced to operate at the lower end of the transfer market as Coventry tighten their belts , can only gaze in wonder as Dalglish spends multi-millionaire Jack Walker 's money .
21 But remember it was Mrs Thatcher , who when she was arguing against the er European Monetary System , said you ca n't buck the markets , and ultimately that is true , or at least more precisely , you can only buck them at a cost , you can only buck it by buying or selling pounds , which messes up your money supply , or raising or lowering your interest rates at a time when you might not be wanting to do so .
22 If you choose the ‘ one direction ’ option , you can only wellie it in the direction you 're facing .
23 The Tories are , as in 1966 , once more devoid of ideas and can only resort to attacking and insulting the other parties .
24 Her lips are so swollen she is unable to eat and can only sip drinks through a straw .
25 No you ca n't , you , you only have , you can only hand write .
26 The decision can only fuel speculation that it is suffering badly in the heat of an overcrowded Sparc-compatible marketplace that it once had to itself .
27 Observe that the process is free to execute any of the corresponding SKIP guards ( unc and can only deadlock if it does execute one of these guards .
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