Example sentences of "[modal v] also [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Firstly , quality is the primary responsibility of senior management who must transmit quality values to all but must also build quality into managerial relationships , notably through communication , commitment , recognition and providing facilitating structures in the context of explicit objectives .
2 I should also value , and quickly , advice and a possible letter of support for a particular job application .
3 Those with money burning a hole in their pocket might also car to visit the casino .
4 Gardeners might also fork out £2,000 for a statue-alarm — now commonplace in gardens owned by the National Trust .
5 They may also cache animals underwater for future use ( Johnson , 1973 ) .
6 And under the sites may also availability at the time of booking .
7 Tenants may also sublet part of their homes with their landlords ' consent .
8 Local parents may also band together in support groups .
9 Collectivism would eventually lead to totalitarianism — fascism and communism are collectivist ideologies — but it would also surface in the bureaucratic thinking of Western governments and multinational corporations .
10 The type of new installations that will be allowed if the paper becomes law are farm shops , sport and recreation facilities for activities such as clay pigeon shooting , BMX bikes and wargames , car parks , refreshment areas and educational centres would also burgeon .
11 The company will also debut XShow ‘ n Tell 1.0 , an environment for creating automated demonstrations of X-Windows applications which starts at $5,000 .
12 Reef tanks will also culture algaes and other encrustations on the rock surfaces which provide endless busy picking activity for the curious wrasse .
13 They will also security stamp cycles at Redcar Police station every Sunday in March from 11am-3pm .
14 And Frances has also collected a petition of sixty four children at her school which I will also hand over to the county secretary .
15 As in the West , Sun will also leverage scientific and technical sales from its exposure in academic institutions — it has a number of existing joint venture projects and agreements with Russian scientific and research centres .
16 ‘ If you mix them , ’ said Tom , ‘ you can also git orange , green and brown . ’
17 Obviously , the amount you choose to repay each month will determine how long it is going to take you to pay-off any borrowing on your FlexiLoan. but , you can also pay-in a lump sum at any time ( eg. when you receive a bonus from work ) to help reduce the amount outstanding , or to pay it off completely .
18 Ericsson says the PABX can also interwork with Digital Equipment Corp 's Computer Integrated Telephony interface .
19 You can also prebook your last night 's accommodation if you wish , but there will be a small administration fee .
20 Users can also group two low-speed lines as a single logical connection , so that the second line can be used for back-up or to increase overall packet throughout .
21 But failure to appreciate the force of this distinction can also shipwreck attempts by observers to understand religion — to read correctly what is going on as a person performs a religious ritual or speaks religious words ( see Chapter 10 where an assessment task on this is suggested ) .
22 We can also book twin or double rooms in nearby houses for your sole use for a £55 supplement .
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