Example sentences of "[modal v] [adv] hand " in BNC.

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1 UK paperbackers argue that the implications of Books Etc 's complaint could mean no less than that UK paperbackers should effectively hand over the continental market to the Americans .
2 To complicate the issue , the American government may soon hand over responsibility for operating the weather craft to private industry instead ( New Scientist , 17 March , p 706 ) .
3 The seller may physically hand over the goods .
4 Where these key indicators illustrate the most favourable conditions er we are going to base our main advertising campaign and I 'll now hand you over to my colleague .
5 If I give you some background to , to Moat and to the project itself , an and how we 're gon na approach the scheme I 'll then hand over to Alan who will talk about the design issues and the master plan and we 'll price the Three Hills and how they 'll they can meet that subjective .
6 Er we moved over to using ASCII so that we could actually hand edit them and and look at them .
7 decorative mirror , with or without a frame , is the type you would normally hand on a bedroom or living room wall , or perhaps over a mantlepiece to reflect the room .
8 He would certainly hand Oliver over to the police ; he had said he would tell the police about Alice and this was much , much worse .
9 And Frances has also collected a petition of sixty four children at her school which I will also hand over to the county secretary .
10 Darlington firm Bowater Containers will today hand over 1,000 custom-made cardboard boxes for the goods , designed to withstand the long journey .
11 A £300 million rescue package will virtually hand control of the company to German property magnate Dieter Bock .
12 No you ca n't , you , you only have , you can only hand write .
13 No government can simply hand over services for vulnerable groups to a completely unregulated private sector , because the political repercussions of any abuse might be too serious and the reputation of private market provision might be damaged .
14 Rather the contrary : in Britain a wastesite operator who finds it too expensive to meet the rules can simply hand in his licence and walk away from the site .
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