Example sentences of "[modal v] [verb] you " in BNC.

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1 Each of these are covered in this leaflet as each may affect you personally when deciding whether to take the HIV antibody test .
2 ‘ Because the diplomacy may affect you , too .
3 This can be a helpful approach in discussion — someone may regard you as stubborn , whereas you see yourself as determined .
4 But if the other party does n't use this level of response themselves , they may regard you as insincere or phoney .
5 Over-committing yourself to a foot sweep may expose you to your opponent 's full point counter
6 You really are not so handsome as you promised to be ; and I have long wished , by conversation like this , to do away what mischief the flattering character I gave of you may expose you to .
7 Asthma , heart conditions , diabetes or epilepsy may expose you to special risks with watersports in the heat .
8 We may lend you any amount from £500 to £10,000 ( in units of £10 ) and , in certain circumstances , may advance 100% of the cost , although we normally expect you to make some contribution from your savings .
9 If you have teenagers at home , planning a meal can be tricky ; you may think you have them pinned down , but one phone call and they are up and away to more exciting prospects .
10 You may think you have purse-netted every hole only for a bolting rabbit suddenly to push up through the snow as if from nowhere and make its bid to escape .
11 Although you may think you know what you want , sub-consciously you may want something else .
12 People may think you 're getting ideas above your already lofty station .
13 In fact , however complete a word list you may think you have , it will never give full coverage ( Sampson , 1989 ) .
14 You may think you just nursed me .
15 You may think you are a good enough driver to go over the speed limit , but you may also realise that a world in which everyone drove very fast might be a little on the dangerous side .
16 You may think you have to cut back on the necessities of life for a few days or cancel a treat you had promised yourself and the family .
17 Too fast an approach speed may alarm drivers already on the roundabout why may think you are going to drive onto the roundabout in front of them ; if they brake hard or swerve this may cause a following driver to panic and cause an accident .
18 You may think you 're quite good at solving mental problems .
19 Now you may know all about personal allowances or you may think you know all about personal allowances and I thought like that .
20 ‘ You may think you 've won , but I 'll have the last laugh .
21 You may think you are not wealthy enough .
22 You may think you 're obsessed , pal , with Miss Return to Your Roots over there … ’
23 You may think you stand on your own , or have your own choices , or make your own fate , but you do not do so .
24 ‘ I warn you , major , you may think you are acting in the interests of your men , but all you are doing is ruining your own career . ’
25 You may think you have problems now , but Vittorio can make them seem like fond memories . ’
26 ‘ You may think you do , but you know nothing about me ! ’
27 ‘ You may think you can lie to me , but you ca n't go on lying to yourself , ’ he said with calm assurance .
28 I know you 're after Robert , but , although you may think you 'll succeed , I 'm here to warn you . ’
29 You may think you are , but from one house to the next that you deal with it 's always different .
30 So you may think you 've half a tape left , which is , should be
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