Example sentences of "[modal v] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 When she touches me , I shall be hers for all time , and when she touches me , I shall be so hungry for her , that I may hurt her .
2 You may hurt yourself when you hit the ground , or your opponent may be so close that he or she can hit you immediately .
3 In so doing , we hope that it will take account of our responses on the proposed reorganisation of local government in Wales and the way this may weaken its strategic planning functions .
4 It is useful for those of us who worry that hearing other opinions and listening to other people may weaken our case , or make it difficult for us to concentrate on our own determined agenda .
5 As well as having the opportunity to learn about industry , students may enhance their career prospects and demonstrate their potential to become leaders in the application of computing to business and commercial problems .
6 In fact , it may enhance our pleasure if it has helped us to snatch success from the jaws of failure !
7 Equally , the interests common to the different classes of a given nation or state may override what divides them .
8 First , as long as other politically defined goals may override them , the power of market proxies to control management behaviour is limited .
9 In such cases while talking of a person as being an authority one refrains from talking of him as in authority over oneself , and avoids regarding his advice or instructions as binding , even when , given one 's goals , one ought to treat it in exactly the same way as one treats a binding authoritative directive .
10 The letter which he valued most came from the leader of English theology , who was now Archbishop of York , William Temple : ‘ Men ought to acknowledge their major obligations , and so I write to thank you ... ’
11 One danger of having both eggs and pollen in the same structure is that the plant may pollinate itself and so anticipate and prevent cross-fertilisation , the very purpose of all these complexities .
12 Sports heroes and pop stars provide images for teenagers , who may imitate them and style themselves upon them .
13 Teenagers may imitate their example .
14 Autonomy however should not imply total independence for although the manager may divest his authority to the surveyor to run the job on site , he is still ultimately responsible and must show support at all stages .
15 ‘ Does this mean when I go upstairs to bed , I ought to reset my watch when I come down in the morning because it 's got out of step with the clocks downstairs ? ’
16 Wherever you may locate your own particular response , I want in this book to discuss what is involved in giving RE the positive and creative image which it should have by virtue of the importance of its subject-matter , the challenging controversy it can generate , and the depth of feeling to which it can appeal .
17 We are used to the idea that quantum mechanics may modify our everyday intuitive notions about the meaning of words like " position " and " momentum " .
18 I may modify my behaviour to conform to the expectations of the group , and I will do so in a much shorter time than I would in a one-to-one relationship .
19 The historian may relate what happened ; but when it comes to explaining why events occurred as they did , and why decisions were taken as they were , he can not always fulfil his role as he would wish .
20 ‘ So , you are saying that , although you do n't miss sex now , you are worried about it and wonder if you ought to miss it ? ’ said the counsellor .
21 The introduction of new technology is only one aspect of problem solving in marginal areas and the desirable overall policy package may be to a substantial degree indivisible since changing one part may affect one or all of the other parts at a local , regional , national or European Economic Community ( EEC ) level .
22 Short-term gains by cheating are likely to be offset by long-term losses that may affect one 's offspring and those of relatives .
23 It is the result of a fluid build-up in or behind the eyeball and may affect one or both of the eyes .
24 This does not throw any strain on a heart which is healthy but may affect one which is severely defective .
25 Well , I suppose , if somebody 's going around with an opinion pole , and they ask you about a certain , what you think about a certain thing , that , that , presume what their asking about , may affect everybody in different way
26 Prisoners are brought up to date with new legislation that may affect them , such as housing and social security .
27 And do n't place the magnets directly next to your heater , as they may affect its performance .
28 3.1 shall notify the of any enhancement or modification to the Licensed Software which may affect its operation/performance and/or cost .
29 There are two distinct types of variation in the semantic contribution that a word form makes to different sentences — or , to look at it from a different point of view , two ways in which the sentential context of a word form may affect its semantic contribution to the sentence .
30 Production staff must be conscious that how they build products may affect its EMC performance ; service engineers , likewise , must be sure that they do not compromise EMC once products are in the field ; the purchasing department must be aware that EMC constraints placed on suppliers may make a component more expensive to buy , but will probably save money when the end product is tested as a whole ; and the marketing and sales department must plan to sell the advantage which EMC brings to a product .
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