Example sentences of "[modal v] [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Solution compaction along seams may involve dissolution of considerable volumes of minerals , commonly quartz and calcite ; these solutes may locally source cementation , lessening the permeability of the zone surrounding the solution seams ( Wong & oldershaw , 1981 ) .
2 The husband and wife may agree that the joint tenancy should be severed but if so they should properly evidence that fact .
3 UK paperbackers argue that the implications of Books Etc 's complaint could mean no less than that UK paperbackers should effectively hand over the continental market to the Americans .
4 After this he wound up by attacking Anglo-Catholics and ‘ Nonconformist ritualism ’ : why , he asked , should only ministers with their ‘ little May meeting bag ’ administer the Lord 's Supper : why not any Christian man or woman ?
5 Must not theology , if it were to be possible at all , be established from the other side , by God himself — by the God who makes himself known to us in Jesus Christ rather than the God whom we choose to recognise in him , a God who comes from beyond ourselves to judge , redeem and save ?
6 If you were in for 9 in the morning , you were out at 9.30 and the other fellow must not book in till 9.31 a.m .
7 And Moses was well peeved and did lose his rag saying , ‘ Thou shalt not Rock ‘ n ’ Roll , for this is the eleventh commandment … ’
8 Thou Shalt Not Spy on thy Mother 's Old Schoolfriends Parading around in the Nude .
9 And we should just sort of say what is necessary to find out and everybody gets a few telephone numbers or telephone calls check out addresses find out about new ones , get in contact with the district council erm what is in the pipeline .
10 Why — unless perhaps we are closet retributivists or reductivists — should not offenders simply be formally denounced with words and ceremony and then set free ?
11 Should not judges be able to decide what award is justified ?
12 Should not Germany now make a grant of this land to the nascent Eurofed ?
13 The court can not attach a meaning to words which they can not bear , but if the words are capable of bearing more than one meaning why should not Parliament 's true intention be enforced rather than thwarted ?
14 However , there are some very sound reasons why we should not re-petition just yet .
15 Should not Greece be fearful ?
16 The motion goes on to say that sponsored MPs should not pair with erm Conservatives .
17 To be sure , the vocabulary for defining such rhythmical effects is yet to seek ; but should not critics apply themselves to seeking and finding that vocabulary , instead of pursuing semantic and allusive niceties ?
18 Sewed my lips with hexes so I should not blaspheme against their godling …
19 Salinas visited Portugal , the United Kingdom , West Germany and Belgium in late January 1990 when he expressed the concern that the dramatic changes in Eastern Europe should not disadvantage Latin American countries in terms of aid from West European countries and from the European Communities .
20 Should not John Major have taken the opportunity to cut away more of the dead wood from among the cabinet 's other 20 members ?
21 If Richard was to step into his dead brother 's shoes then why should not John — for as yet John was still Lackland — step into Richard 's shoes ?
22 If it is indeed the case that time is used least economically in those subjects to which most time is allocated ( see Table 4.1 ) , should not schools , LEAs ( and indeed the NCC and DES ) took afresh at their assumptions about how much time these subjects ( that is , the National Curriculum core subjects ) really need ?
23 Should not consumers who are concerned about the welfare implications of intensive laying systems be able to shop accordingly ?
24 When a donor-funded Essential Drugs Programme began to supply the primary level with kits , WHO specifically recommended that : ‘ Mozambique should be supplied exclusively through UNIPAC and should not canvas suppliers independently ’ ( Cliff et al , 1986 ) .
25 Yet if they were referring to a legitimate title , why should not Pilate have been doing so as well ?
26 Availability dates for OSF/1 on MIPS , he said , had been re-targeted until after the Alpha version , but as the developers version is already shipping , the date change should not impact ISV and customer development schedules too heavily .
27 But that should not distress us .
28 But when she moved jobs , she was subject to a policy stating that nurses should not suture faces or hands .
29 ‘ Why should not Englishmen arm themselves ? ’ he asked .
30 Why should not people do as they pleased with their own bodies ?
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