Example sentences of "[be] just that " in BNC.

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1 In past decades the roof void in most houses has been just that : a black , dusty hole in which to dump unused goods out of sight .
2 In that moment , she almost broke down and told him she loved him desperately , for she could see , finally , that all her pretences in Thailand of his capacity for emotion had been just that : pretences .
3 Federal budget requests are just that : requests .
4 That seems unusual , but it may be just that the home warren attracted more elil than other places .
5 ‘ It might be just that he 's one of their flock . ’
6 Strachan : Showed some lovely touches but seemed to be just that bit too slow .
7 I am aware that there was a steady decrease in the casualty figures and this was welcome to the Harris Offensive and also to the Mighty Eighth , but it always appeared to be that the Luftwaffe were just that one step ahead until , of course , the advent of D-Day and the advance of the Allies on the Continent .
8 No , well I mean , it were n't as though I had n't put a payment in it were just that it probably was this taking Tracey 's book and I marked it onto Tracey 's , er , Tracey 's book .
9 ‘ It is just that after much brainwork in Rome I have thought to give myself a little holiday on this famous Capri Island . ’
10 It is just that it could have been more meaningful and less unpleasant had it felt a touch more like a pilgrimage than a harsh , faceless drive for productivity .
11 And it is just that : a point of view , a vision , put forward through a fine prose style , that gives the work of Frazer a position above that of other scholars of equal erudition and perhaps greater ingenuity , and which gives him an inevitable and growing influence over the contemporary mind .
12 It is just that I want to be free . ’
13 It is just that they show a very late timing of their sleep/wake rhythm with respect to normal time-cues .
14 It is just that they have both been at it too often recently .
15 It is described as a comic love story for clumsy people , and it is just that : endearing , touching , and very , very funny .
16 It is just that politicians in power do show a tendency to become rather bogged down by the business in hand , and battered women , ill-educated toddlers and the tax status of child-minders have , for perfectly understandable reasons , so far not succeeded in exercising their imaginations .
17 It is just that their claim to power is completely out-of-date .
18 It is just that I do n't know what the man will do .
19 It is just that some days , and at some times , often in the early hours of the morning , sometimes this is what it feels like ; sometimes it gets me too .
20 I hope you do not think me unduly vain with regard to this last matter ; it is just that one never knows when one might be obliged to give out that one is from Darlington Hall , and it is important that one be attired at such times in a manner worthy of one 's position .
21 It is just that there are so many of them concerned with skin colour , each one having such a small effect , that they seem to blend .
22 Those making the decisions have become in a precise sense semi-literate : they can read and write , it is just that they seldom do .
23 ‘ It is n't to say The Wedding Present just treat it like a job , it is just that they have natural courtesy and manners .
24 It is just that going to the cinema has become inexorably linked with the purchase and consumption of such foods .
25 Everyone has some quality they like , even if it is just that you are kind to animals .
26 The first problem here is that the brevity of Scaevola 's response ( even by his standards three words is modest ) leaves it unclear whether he means that the debtors are not freed from any liability , or whether it is just that they are not freed from liabilities contracted after the first will was made .
27 It is just that there have been ‘ colossal changes in the transfer mechanisms ’ , he says , and widespread use of blood products , and increased homosexual promiscuity are but two of them .
28 It is just that in that particular situation he had to act as he did , and to have acted differently would have meant that he would have been in the wrong though not for the same reason .
29 It is just that I believe they are probably more rare than is claimed .
30 It is just that we Russians are living in unbearably horrible conditions .
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