Example sentences of "[be] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 NCT has been invited to join as an associate member and , our President , is our rep. on this advisory body to the government whose terms of references are ‘ to ensure by all possible means that the informed opinions of women are given their due weight in the deliberations of government . ’
2 ‘ No. 3 is the new paint shop , a magnificent department where all new vehicles are given their distinctive livery .
3 If it is impossible for you to release them there make sure they are given their freedom in an area with abundant supplies of nectar .
4 Facilities for pedestrians and those for cyclists are given their own chapters , and there is a chapter devoted to new residential development .
5 Also , most appointees on public bodies are given their jobs for a set number of years , so it could be some while before changes filtered through .
6 Carel Weight , a surprising choice , Ivon Hitchens , in the centenary of his birth , Adrian Stokes and Barbara Hepworth are given their own rooms .
7 But in rock these aspects are given their particular shape by , and centred on , a collectively understood manipulation of amplified sound .
8 I am satisfied that it can not be said that section 6(2) is unworkable if the words of that provision are given their wide general meaning .
9 Leaders are given their roles by their putative followers ; their ‘ authority ’ may technically be removed if their followers cease to acknowledge them .
10 At the finishing cropper where carpets are given their final sheer to achieve a smooth and even surface , £25,000 is being invested on an automatic height adjuster .
11 It is a basic principle of interpretation that ordinary words are given their ordinary meaning .
12 Under the fundholding arrangements , doctors are given their own budgets to spend .
13 Where changes to text take place ‘ before and after figures ’ are given which reflect the change in size of the entry in terms of the quantity of tags .
14 I mean these are factors which are given which are trotted out as reasons .
15 It suggests at once beauty and brutality for some are born with black eyes and some are given them .
16 Managers often view a job at Shell , where they are given plenty of decisions to make early on in their career , as an alternative to taking an MBA .
17 And for everybody whose joined after , I think it was last January , we make sure that there is a job description , and that they are given one when they join , and we keep on file erm , but I know that there are loads of people who have been here longer than that some people have got them and they are out of date .
18 But whatever name they are given they make fascinating aquarium inhabitants .
19 But it is also clear that within tight-knit units attributions can become destructive : you are given your role and you must play it out , the same role for the rest of your life .
20 When dates for particular artefact-types are given it is rarely made clear whether that date is one of manufacture of the artefacts , its period of use or the context in which it was found .
21 This difference distinguishes causal circumstances and their effects from the other instances of necessary connection , the nomic correlates. ( 1.5 ) All necessary connections are open to forms of mathematical expression , and typically are given it in science .
22 ‘ Sense and Memory of things , which are common to man and all living creatures ’ are knowledge , but ‘ because they are given us immediately by nature , and not gotten by ratiocination , they are not philosophy . ’
23 Another possible version of foundationalism holds that there are some beliefs which are given us as ‘ data ’ , and which are fully justified unless something arises to defeat their justification ( cf. the use of defeasibility in 2.3 ) .
24 The psalms help us to interpret this , by reminding us that we are given our heart 's desires when we also delight in God :
25 So far , we have discussed the properties of matrices , and the algebra of matrices , in general terms , and without reference to the nature of the elements : where illustrations have been given we have used arithmetical numbers for elements .
26 We 've got According to the information I 've been given we 've got seven thousand cubic metres of which is useful
27 Then earlier this year the group received a reply from another prisoner at Shalla who had been given their letter to Bashir by mistake .
28 Of course , you do need to monitor people once they have been given their tasks .
29 If the fans had been given their choice , Mel Machin , then at Manchester City , would have been offered the job .
30 Interviewers must seek out , contact and interview their allotted sub-samples , and once they have been given their tasks they must work relatively independently .
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