Example sentences of "[conj] [is] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ There is one Mr. Milne , officer at Oldcambus , a very old man quite worn out & unfitt for that station & is expected that he ca n't live much longer ’ , an eager applicant for a place advised Hugh Scott , the member of parliament of Berwickshire .
2 If you are under 60 but your husband has reached 65 and is retired , he may be able to claim a dependency addition of £32.55 for you , provided he pays it to you or is maintaining you to an equivalent amount .
3 He ca n't be dead — he has run away or is hiding somewhere .
4 She says the reason for this is ‘ the need to believe that the event recounted actually took place , or is taking place : no one believes a prophet , and even a prediction needs to be realised within the narrative for sense and interest ’ ( 329 ) .
5 It will be seen that where Lautro is advised to serve or is considering the service of an intervention notice on a member , the rules do not place any obligation on it to give that member any advance warning of the intended action , nor to give him any opportunity to make representations before the intervention notice is served .
6 ( b ) The child The child is entitled to respondent status in : ( i ) applications under Parts IV and V of the Act ( proceedings which relate to care , supervision , contact , child assessment , emergency protection and recovery orders ) ; ( ii ) applications under Part III of the Act ( secure accommodation orders and approval to the emigration of children in care ) ; ( iii ) any application for a residence order under s8 in relation to a child in care ; ( iv ) any family proceedings in which the court has made a direction for investigation under s37(1) ( see Chapter 3 , 1(b) ) and has either made or is considering whether to make an interim care order .
7 The only exceptions are cases in which the court : ( a ) is considering whether to make a residence order in respect of a child in care ( s41(6) ( e ) ) ; or ( b ) has given a direction for investigation under s37 and has made or is considering whether to make an interim care order ( s41(6) ( b ) ) .
8 Any establishment which provides or is intended to provide , whether for reward or not , residential accommodation with both board and personal care , for four or more persons in need of personal care by reasons of old age , disablement , past or present dependence on alcohol or drugs or past or present mental disorder .
9 It may also help to understand other agencies to which that department has to relate , particularly as a great deal of policy depends , or is intended to depend , upon successful co-operation between organizations .
10 The position of a non-domiciled person is therefore not made worse or is intended not to be made worse by virtue of the deemed receipt of income charged under s739 ( s743(3) ) .
11 On October 19 1988 the Home Secretary issued directives to the BBC and IBA ‘ to refrain from broadcasting any matter which consists of or includes — any spoken words , whether in the course of an interview or discussion or otherwise by a person who appears or is heard … where ( a ) the person speaking … represents or purports to represent [ any organisation proscribed under the Prevention of Terrorism ( Temporary Provisions ) Act 1984 or the Northern Ireland ( Emergency Provisions ) Act 1978 and Sinn Fein , Republican Sinn Fein and the Ulster Defence Association ] or ( b ) the words support or solicit or invite support for such an organisation ’ .
12 If you send a parcel that become lost or damaged , or is sent via a Parcelforce guaranteed delivery service and fails to meet its advertised delivery standard , then you may wish to make a claim for compensation .
13 Many of these factors can be deduced or estimated from surviving archaeological evidence , but other factors — such as size of population , whether farming is only at subsistence level or is producing a surplus , and if so , how large a surplus — are much more difficult to assess .
14 The Head of Department or his or her nominee is responsible for informing the Registry of any limit on the numbers of tutees a particular member of his or her staff should be allocated , and of arrangements to be made for personal tutor responsibilities when a member of staff leaves or is granted leave of absence .
15 The prelude to this was set by another psychoanalyst called Otto Rank one of Freud 's er early followers who had published a book called the Myth of the Birth of the Hero and in this book what Rank did was to trawl through world folklore and literature , from myths of heroes , and of course there are a lot of those books , and dozens and dozens of them and what he does in the book is he distils all these dozens and dozens of myths and he finds that there 's a common pattern emerges and it 's , it 's pretty stereotypical actually and the common pattern is the hero is born of royal or divine parents , the hero for some reason or other that loses his parents or is cast out by them or is er exposed in some way , erm the hero is often threatened by some outside force and then rescued by er humble people .
16 The meanings created by these floutings , it will be noticed , are often social , signalling the attitude of the sender to the receiver of the message , and the kind of relationship which exists or is developing between them .
17 Few exercise routines are designed for the 55-plus age range , so do n't do anything that hurts or is exhausting .
18 It is worth noting that the word " religion " either does not naturally feature in some religions , or is regarded by many religious people with considerable disapproval .
19 Fixation at this stage may result if toilet training is too harsh and demanding or is begun too early or too late .
20 It is not very clear whether section 17(2) adds a third element or is subsumed in ( b ) , but it is clear that it was intended to be more difficult to obtain an interlocutory injunction in trade dispute cases than in others .
21 Prevent an offence by anyone else of disposing , treating or sorting waste at a site that does not have a waste management licence , is operating in contravention of the conditions of any such licence , or is operating in a manner likely to cause pollution or harm to health .
22 The tendency of the mind to move from one thing to another has to consist in the straightforward fact that one thing usually follows , or is caused by , the other ; the tendency or association can not be thought of as some experienced feature of the situation without reviving the original situation of having an unanalysed conception of the mind 's ability to reach out and apprehend things .
23 It does n't matter whether a sign causes what it signifies , or is caused by it , or whether both are caused by something else ( like thunder and lightning , either of which might be a sign of the other and both of which are caused by an electrical discharge ) .
24 The improvement may only be apparent ( or pseudo ) if , in addition , the increase in real output per capita is accompanied by negative externalities or is caused by increased production of goods and services which are not for current consumption .
25 He ought , whether he remains technically an employee or is treated as a partner or is classified as somewhere between the two ( eg taxed under Sched D on his " salary " ) , to be in a position to know enough about his firm to judge what amounts to a reasonable restriction and not to need the court 's protection if he should have agreed to covenants in stringent terms .
26 This regime makes the settlor of a non-UK resident trust liable to capital gains tax on gains made by the trustees where the settlor has an interest , or is treated as having an interest , in the trust ( the trustees themselves being outside the UK capital gains tax net if a majority of them are neither resident nor ordinarily resident in the UK and the general administration of the trust is carried on outside the UK — see s69 TCGA 1992 ) .
27 Since the question is — or is made to be — one of his clinical judgment , his view will later be respected unless shown to be wholly unreasonable .
28 ( 2 ) It is immaterial whether the appropriation is made with a view to gain , or is made for the thief 's own benefit .
29 The Act states in s.1(2) : " It is immaterial whether the appropriation is made with a view to gain or is made for the thief 's own benefit . "
30 In these offences there is no equivalent to s.1(2) of the 1968 Act which states : " [ i ] t is immaterial whether the appropriation is made with a view to gain , or is made for the thief 's own benefit . "
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