Example sentences of "[conj] [vb past] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 There are eight shades of Varnish or Cream which can be mixed or applied one on top of another
2 By writ dated 6 August 1991 the plaintiffs in the first action , Barclays Bank Plc. claimed £389,431 from the defendants , Glasgow City Council , being moneys had and received to the plaintiffs ' use as having been paid under void contracts ; or contracts for which the consideration had totally failed ; which were traceable by the plaintiffs into the hands of the defendants , the retention of which would be unconscionable ; which would cause the defendants to be unjustly enriched ; or which the defendants held upon an implied or resulting or constructive trust in favour of the plaintiffs ; or to which the plaintiffs were entitled on the grounds that the defendants had spent the money on their lawful activities or applied them towards the discharge of their liabilities .
3 They were amused by the way she consumed endless bowls of ice-cream or asked them to make her special snacks in between the normal meals .
4 The fact that local people had not been informed of the exploratory work as it proceeded , or asked what they thought , had been discussed at some length during the evening , and there seemed to be little doubt that people who are to be " invaded " by a major installation for which they will bear much incidental , site-specific cost , would like to be party to discussions about the project .
5 I had a number of telephone conversations with him , and an interim letter dated 7 January in which he suggested , or asked me to suggest several possible dates .
6 But ZZAP ! has never looked at the other side of the problem or asked themselves : ‘ Why is there so much software piracy ? ’
7 That would certainly explain why he had n't taken her into the back close , or asked her out .
8 Mr Jordan 's advice to any woman who thinks her doctor has behaved unprofessionally or asked her to do something humiliating is to refuse straightaway and report the incident .
9 He had n't explained what he wanted , or asked her to call back , but Loretta 's resolution wavered momentarily .
10 Or scanned you at a maiden aunt 's ,
11 As far as she was aware , no one had cut themselves or pricked themselves with a needle .
12 Feeling unable to see just then how Cara , even with her journalistic experience , would have fared better with a man who , somehow without you noticing , turned every question or countered it with one of his own , Fabia resolved , as Lubor Ondrus turned into a driveway and steered the Skoda uphill , to do better .
13 In the event eight did , but , everybody who could n't come phoned up or got somebody to phone
14 He never actually took the stuff or got his hands dirty in any way . ’
15 I could have navigated to In Salah , regardless of the piste , unless I stepped on a cobra or got my throat cut , but it was no use getting there alone .
16 The otter either heard me or got my scent , because it suddenly looked up , then stood up and moved out of sight round the other side of the rock .
17 Mrs Prynn left her to get on with her duties without any unusual comments ; Lady Roscarrock appeared to be her normal self , and the aunts and sisters dozed in their chairs or whispered their rosaries in much the normal way .
18 Whereupon , declaring that no less precious food should thereafter pass her lips , the lady had , variously , starved herself to death or flung herself from the window , in which case her blood had forever coloured the ruddy rocks of Roussillon .
19 Having been primed by Draper back in the hotel room on who played or produced what , Branson would present himself with a box of tapes and play just one track by each artist ; enough to whet the appetite , but not so much as to test his customer 's patience — or indeed Branson 's own musical knowledge .
20 A few careful people had private records of their own , having either remembered the names or recovered them from copies , and took pride in preserving the memory of their aristocratic origin .
21 Even if bitten or pecked it continues to lie limply on the ground .
22 A " producer " , under s1(2) , is defined as : ( a ) the person who manufactured it ; ( b ) in the case of a substance which has not been manufactured but has been won or abstracted , the person who won or abstracted , the person who won or abstracted it ; ( c ) in the case of a product which has not been manufactured , won or abstracted but essential characteristics of which are attributable to an industrial or other process having been carried out ( for example , in relation to agricultural produce ) , the person who carried out that process …
23 There was none of the violence of illness in it , no writhing or moaning , and it was never impatient or irritable when Kalchu tried to feed it or probed it for sores .
24 ‘ People get to the end of their lives and they must realise they have n't seen or experienced anything real .
25 ‘ People get to the end of their lives and they must realise they have n't seen or experienced anything real .
26 Drop nets can also be bought or made yourself from netting available to repair prawn nets .
27 Although the case was ‘ exceptional ’ , due to the size of the financial crash , and a careful balance between the administrators ' reasonable needs and the oppression of the addressee was necessary , applications were not necessarily unreasonable because they were inconvenient to the addressee , caused a lot of work or made them vulnerable to future claims .
28 In the old days , life was simple in schools in the sense that if pupils did n't do what they were supposed to do you thrashed them , or made them stand in the corner , or expelled them .
29 And in the end , of course , he looked through the keyhole — or made one in her steel door with his sword-point according to one version — and there she was in a great marble bath disporting herself .
30 Student prejudice kept the KGB off the list , which made Trent mad or made him laugh , depending on the day of the week .
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