Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] give " in BNC.

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1 There are millions of people who admit to being members of the two Christian churches and their various sects , but who do little or nothing to give substance to that admission .
2 about analysis or me giving them the dream and I have to sort of like get out for myself what
3 I was obliged to write essays … where I gave myself up to an almost purely artistic rendering of such facts as I remembered , and such opinions as I could concoct by the help of memory , fancy , and the radical and the free-thinking influence of home …
4 I do my bedroom out every day — sweep it and dust the furniture and I do something else every day , like I dust the tops of the cupboards or I give the wardrobe a polish .
5 In I gave the book to him or I gave him the book , him would normally be considered thematic in FSP theory .
6 Erm , Philip or somebody gave me the level premium .
7 Make a list of any activities which make you buzz with energy , which absorb you so much that time dissolves , or which give you a sense of inner peace and satisfaction .
8 To complicate the picture even further , there are a number of other devices which , although not strictly security interests in the sense of vesting some type of proprietary interest in the creditor or which give him possessory control over assets of the debtor company , nevertheless act as security .
9 Quite often she 'd make a grab , I 'd move with her and there would be a tug'o'war , ending up with the food breaking or her giving up .
10 At the Red Cross warehouse , we were met by Stoyaeka who drove us to her house where she gave us a meal of soup , bread , stew and dumplings , all washed down with a very palatable local red wine .
11 Matt put in , ‘ Departing guests pay their accounts at the office , where she gives them a receipt , and Ling takes his list of commodities to her — things to be ordered for the kitchen , you understand . ’
12 If you only get vocabulary where you give the item in English there is a risk that you will miss common words where there is no equivalent in English .
13 well you do n't have to go where you give you one
14 If you do not give us this information , or you give false information , you may be subject to a penalty of £50 for the first offence and £200 for any subsequent offence .
15 I 've tried to slow down my pattern of speech , I 've tried to simplify my vocabulary , and certain methods of when you 're talking to someone you do n't tower over them , you try and squat to his level or you give instructions in certain ways to certain classes .
16 Subject to the Statement of Pensions Policy which will be issued to the successful candidate , the appointee will be deemed to be in membership of the above pension scheme until such time as he or she gives notice in writing to exercise the right not to be a member of the scheme
17 That 's a very different response from the man whose anxiety or guilt are aroused by his partner 's tears and shouts , walks away or who gives in to a woman 's demand without trying to understand what 's ‘ going on ’ .
18 Patients who denied any symptoms , or who gave a history of a single episode of self-limiting dyspeptic symptoms were also excluded from gastrscopic examination , but all other patients were offered gastroscopy as outpatients .
19 A highlight was a party in the children 's hospital where we gave presents to all of the children , mums and staff as well as handing over medical supplies and a lap-top computer .
20 So you just bring them home at lunchtime or something give him a
21 On the other hand , contracts will only provide sufficient evidence where they give rise to a ‘ firm commitment ’ : the reporting entity 's obligation resulting from the contract can be enforced by an external party , and the circumstances are such that if necessary it will be so enforced .
22 Every so often , he goes to a local hospital where they give him an injection of something , which cheers him up noticeably .
23 Whenever we need to go to and from the Institute , or even if we want to make an expedition into town , we go to the Car Office , at the hotel , where they give us deluxe transport by car , and pick us up again when we want to return .
24 Where they gave me meat and drink . ’
25 Their homeward journey took them via Lille ( where Wolfgang fell ill ) , Ghent , Antwerp and The Hague ( where they gave two public concerts and played , by special request , to the Princess of Weilburg , to whom Wolfgang dedicated a set of six keyboard and violin sonatas ) .
26 Bias may creep in through the wording of questions ( which may be ambiguous , unintelligible or suggestive of a particular answer ) , through the careless recording of answers , through the interviewer 's ( perhaps unwitting ) influence over response-patterns and through a general failure of the interviewer to establish the kind of rapport with the respondent that enables him or her to give truthful answers on personal matters .
27 Ever since then , whenever I left a job or anyone gave me a present , I was given more of the same .
28 But he could and did hold a fringe meeting with the Bow Group , where he gave the becoming speech of a statesman .
29 Then , leaving his sobbing family at home , he dashed to a soccer match , where he gave away a penalty and cheated his team of a victory .
30 Those that he produced for sale through the Redfern Gallery were usually printed in editions of fifty and include Thames-side , Bull Fight , Spain , Tropical Landscape , Horse Guards in their Dressing Rooms at Whitehall and Working Men 's College , this last relating to his association with the Working Men 's College in Crowndale Road , Mornington Crescent , where he gave a lecture , ‘ The Painter 's Intention ’ , in 1952 , taught lithography and also acted as Art Adviser .
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