Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I did not know then what I was to find out later-that I myself was capable of a drastic re-ordering of the system .
2 It 's either this or nothing which , which it is and if you want it I mean Lesley 's not bothered about it cos he 's giving her seven hundred quid a blooming month !
3 The British reader , who is likely to have been spared certain of the varieties of suffering which are spoken of in the writings of Kundera and Klima , where a joke , or no joke , or nothing whatever , can sequester you for years from the people you grew up with , is in a position , for all that , to know what Sabina means here .
4 The Pentagon would have been furious at losing an agent as well as a major mission , but there was little or nothing it could say or do to put things right without acknowledging that Coleman was an agent and thereby admitting that , for the better part of two years , the DIA had been spying , not on the country 's official enemies , but on other agencies of the United States government .
5 No blood or nothing it 's just er
6 I mean I 've not had or no skin or nothing it 's something like maybe
7 So he raised his wings , which still bore the light-coloured plumage of a juvenile , reared up his head in as fierce a way as he could , and called out , ‘ I did not choose to come to this miserable place , or to live with ones such as you who grow angry at nothing , or nothing I can understand .
8 It was like that night when I woke up and the hurricane was there , I could n't turn my lights on or nothing I was shitting myself .
9 The House of Commons accepted him as a quiet , agreeable member of some substance , not the sort of man who would ever dominate in debate , or who would lead a school of thought , but a man who with three or four others might constitute a very effective block within his party to a course or an individual of which or whom they did not approve .
10 People from the stations we visited in such areas , or whom we encountered upon their being transferred to Easton , felt policing there was not typical and that we were obtaining an unrealistic view .
11 Any one of us may also apprehend an individual whom we know to be , or whom we have reasonable grounds for suspecting to be , guilty of such an offence as long as it has been committed .
12 Obviously a client will not discuss intimate affairs with someone whom he believes to know nothing of such matters , or whom he thinks may condemn or be shocked by his problems .
13 You 've never asked me , not once , how anything has gone , or where I 've been or whom I 've seen . "
14 Be extra vigilant about what you eat or drink and with what or whom you come into contact .
15 It does n't matter , I mean , where or whom you 've been told by , as long as you 've been told you can take precautions later in life from sexual diseases and and getting yourself pregnant .
16 The decision whether or not to exercise this power , and to serve a notice before hearing the persons to whom it is directed or whom it will affect , must be one which the board must balance against what it regards as the interests of investors .
17 Why could n't he be my age , or me his ?
18 or me she said .
19 I left the stores man wondering if it was him or me who was mad .
20 She could be a girl with no fixed address or someone whose landlady or friends expected her to move away about that particular weekend .
21 He listened — at first with a curious air of detachment , as if he was an observer from another civilisation , or someone whose own experience had come to an end , someone who was waiting to embark on a journey and looked at the world with vacant eyes , his mind already in transit .
22 In Task 44 Extract 1 , for example , we might need to know the political opinions , or temperament , or personal involvement of the person for whom we are writing a report of the demonstration ; and in Extract 2 , a friend with whom we correspond might be nine or ninety , someone we saw last week , or someone we have not seen for decades .
23 So such a child might say to a carer or someone they trust , ‘ Look after my Mummy and Daddy , please , because they are very upset .
24 Then I remembered how sometimes people in a coma could be reached by the voices of their favourite pop stars , or someone they loved .
25 In each the same point can be made , that different people can see different facets of something or someone which may all be part of the whole which is beyond our complete understanding .
26 ‘ The work-force can pick out a fraud very easily or someone who 's just glossing things over .
27 Most of the group suggests the court should be able to order , in the case of very young or disturbed children , that questions be relayed through a psychiatrist or someone who enjoys the child 's confidence .
28 A not-so-good euphemism for someone who has tried to do him/herself in by hurling him/herself beneath a moving tube train , or someone who has been jostled from a congested platform on to the track , or some kicky kid indulging in Tube surfing-travelling outside the train and hanging on , and falling off , like John Koporo , age 11 , who in 1987 at Kilburn became the sport 's first victim .
29 There are many reasons for these laws ; some are obvious , but some are very deep and one level of understanding is that menstruation represents a loss of potential life ; the same applied to a man who had a nocturnal emission , or wet dream , or someone who had helped to prepare a body for burial .
30 ‘ If we were to put a full description of the girl , and of the clothes she was wearing , in Saturday 's paper , it might be seen by her parents or someone who knew her .
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