Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Alan stared at the noticeboard on the opposite wall , pretending to read something but seeing nothing but a blur of the leaflets , notes , scraps of ribbon and withered buttonholes which Lucy had pegged up there .
2 It is fairly easy to make the switch from he to something like s/he or him/her in English because the change affects these items only .
3 There is little or nothing on the coloration of other everyday materials , such as leather and paper , nor is there any mention of non-substrate uses , such as in dye lasers or photovoltaic cells .
4 It 's all or nothing on this one !
5 or nothing on there .
6 It 's all or nothing with her .
7 ‘ It 's all or nothing with her .
8 You 're not gon na go far or nothing with it are you ?
9 From time to time , national spin doctors — or ‘ medecins du spin ’ , as we say around here — would emerge to say something or nothing at inordinate and chauvinistic length .
10 If you have chosen bread to make up sandwiches , use only the thinnest scrape of fat ( preferably a polyunsaturated margarine or nothing at all ) .
11 Collectively , the population of Britain perform millions of acts every day during their waking hours , yet the net result of all this is not chaos and confusion , but a reasonable approximation of order : motorists drive on the left-hand side of the road , not on the right ; shoppers offer coins and banknotes , cheques and cheque cards in exchange for goods and services , not goats and chickens or nothing at all ; love-making takes place indoors in bedrooms , and not outside on the pavement .
12 The best time to do this is first thing in the morning , after going to the bathroom , wearing your night clothes or nothing at all , but keep it the same every day .
13 ‘ Now it 's a Brahmin , or nothing at all — which would be simpler . ’
14 We are not alone in having the grant cut , some of the governing bodies have only been given one year 's notice or nothing at all .
15 Did it mean something , or nothing at all ?
16 Or nothing at all ?
17 It 's either all or nothing at all down there .
18 On the other hand , Chain and Florey were armed with apparatus which means little or nothing to the layman .
19 Their careless , feckless , irresponsible father was gone and though he contributed little or nothing to their care or well-being while he lived , his going left an enormous gap in each of their lives .
20 Africa , South America and Australia appear to have contributed little or nothing to the pedigree cat world .
21 In the south of England , Dorset , Hampshire and Surrey were affected to some extent — again much more in some parts than others — but the south-eastern corner of England owes little or nothing to the enclosure commissioners .
22 It was proof that what had meant so much to her meant little or nothing to him .
23 Although regulations concerning the duties of an independent examiner have yet to be issued , there is an implication that such a person would charge little or nothing for their services .
24 ‘ But I am not one for settling for mid-season mediocrity — it 's all or nothing for me .
25 The children pay little or nothing for attendance fees , and only pay according to their parent 's means .
26 ‘ I 'd have thought it would be the West End or nothing for Dane Jacobsen — superstar . ’
27 ‘ I always thought it would be marriage or nothing for you — especially after the way you 've kept men at arm 's length over the years I 've known you . ’
28 And by now it was all or nothing for both teams …
29 The general world outside knew little or nothing of them .
30 We hear the haunting sounds of the Humpback whales as they communicate under the sea , across vast distances , but understand little or nothing of what is passing between them .
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