Example sentences of "[conj] [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 They serve either to show the effect , if any , of storage at elevated humidities on the container and/or as a measure of the barrier properties of the container .
2 Further the third to fifth defendants were also knowingly concerned in investment transactions entered into by the first defendant with members of the U.K. investing public in the course of and/or as a result of the aforesaid contraventions of the Act by the first defendant in which the third to fifth defendants were knowingly concerned in the respects set out in paragraph 29 herein .
3 Neurophysiological recording from the sites of cellular change should detect altered electrical responses from the neurons during and/or as a consequence of memory formation .
4 In other cases , e.g. for a closed domain and/or for a non-linguistic task such as database query , CLE-1 's behaviour is probably preferable .
5 A column for total sales and/or for the calculation of commission on a percentage basis would be added .
6 Anybody who has been involved in community organising will have experience of situations where the ( actual or perceived ) formality of the meeting has restricted participation by people who may be active and vociferous before and/or after the meeting .
7 Also under examination is the feasibility of a 35 to 40 knot inshore lifeboat , launching from a slipway , davit or off a beach .
8 The campaign has been given additional clout this weekend , with referees under instruction to dismiss instantly anyone guilty of head-high tackles on or off the ball , and not to send them to the sin-bin where they have gone too often in the past .
9 They 've been building it for God knows how long , cancelling trains , people ca n't get on or off the platforms .
10 It must also be said that a plain boiled ham presented on or off the bone is a delight to the jaded palate and should not be ignored because it remains undistinguished by any special cure .
11 Available on or off the bone , the meat is usually from only the breasts of the birds and is lightly smoked , moist and quite delicious .
12 These can either run off the public-telephone network , or off the smaller PABXs that control businesses ' own in-house telephone systems .
13 For most people , a penny on or off the standard tax rate — that formulation again ! — pales into insignificance compared with their pre-tax income , the inflation rate , the size of their pension and their mortgage interest rate .
14 Neither could they smoke or ‘ be guilty of noisy behaviour or bad language on or off the course ’ .
15 The bottom line is , of course , that Yorkshire have signed a fine cricketer who is good enough to do well wherever he is either on or off the field .
16 She looked as if she could have stepped straight out of an urchin 's game on the street of a Northern Italian village or off the front cover of Vogue .
17 But he did n't stop drinking on or off the set .
18 Anyone can have HIV : young or old , hunky or thin , black or white , on the scene or off the scene .
19 Use the same command , preferably at a relatively early stage once the dog has settled down after being let out of the car , or off the leash .
20 A great talking-point , on or off the 'phone — turn your desk into a helipad !
21 A full on-licence enables the licensee to sell liquor for consumption either on or off the premises to any member of the public who is permitted by the law to consume it .
22 But if I am competing , on or off the track , I want to win .
23 The foundation stage is then followed by , or merges into , a more specific stage which provides a more specialized education or training , which may be on or off the job , or a mixture of both .
24 In earlier version of the program it was impossible to line anything up anyway because the program 's internal accuracy was insufficient ; the classic 11 point being converted by the program into 10.98 point with the rounding errors occasionally throwing an extra line on or off the page .
25 So you figure that he either hit his approaches stiff — or off the radar screen .
26 " Public house licence " which authorises the sale by retail of alcoholic liquor for consumption on or off the premises .
27 " Public house " is defined by s.139(1) as including an inn , ale-house , victualling house or other premises in which liquor is sold for consumption on or off the premises .
28 It was held that they were entitled to do so on the basis that a public house licence authorises the holder to sell by retail alcoholic liquor for consumption on or off the premises and an off-sale licence authorises the holder to sell by retail alcoholic liquor for consumption off the premises .
29 ( 1 ) Subject to the provisions of this Act , no person shall , except during the permitted hours : ( a ) sell or supply to any person in any licensed premises , or licensed canteen , or in the premises of a registered club any alcoholic liquor to be consumed either on or off the premises , or consume in , or take from , any such premises any alcoholic liquor .
30 Or off the ground .
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