Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] at " in BNC.

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1 There is no record of John having been apprehended and/or fined at that time , but it is almost certain that he would be dealt with in some way .
2 ‘ … the innocent party is not bound to go on the market and buy or sell at the date of the breach .
3 Now the trick of course is to buy at the cheapest price or sell at the most expensive .
4 The NFU plan aims to offer the farmer a choice between setting land aside and receiving the full , subsidised rate for produce , or producing at maximum capacity without support .
5 Fair-haired Jews from Moscow and Leningrad mingled with olive-skinned Georgians to read the Cyrillic slogans welcoming them and then sank down in rows of plastic chairs or gazed at the panoramic photograph of Jerusalem covering an entire wall .
6 For example , business liability for death and personal injury resulting from negligence can not be excluded or limited at all by section 2(1) and , in the case of other loss or damage , liability can only be excluded or restricted where the term or notice purporting to do this satisfies a test of reasonableness ; section 2(2) .
7 Moreover , the inside of walls and ceilings must either be washed or painted at regular intervals .
8 It has been a year of controversy for Brady as the club has still to decide on whether to move to a new home at Cambuslang or remain at Celtic Park .
9 A student having completed Music Making : Solo 1 may proceed to Solo 2 or remain at the same level , provided that the study employs different techniques : for example , voice and keyboard ; guitar and bass guitar ; violin and sitar .
10 If you 're not beautiful in our image , then put a bucket over your head , or hide at home if you 're too fat ; we do n't want to see you .
11 However , when the risk-free asset is introduced to this situation investors will all either borrow or lend at the risk-free rate .
12 In practice , it is likely that you will be trying both to re-emphasize or reinforce at least some of your strong points , and to reduce or eliminate at least some of your weak points .
13 This is because , at appropriately applied voltages , many organic compounds are reduced or oxidised at the electrode surface , thus producing a current .
14 Thus modern British coinage has a die axis of twelve o'clock : when the coin is held above and below the Queen 's head and then rotated , the design on the back appears upright or aligned at twelve o'clock .
15 But , although many babies pull off hats , socks and booties in their first year , they do n't really try to dress or undress at this stage .
16 It takes effort on the part of the parent but can sometimes help them see that their child is eating more than they thought or eating at the wrong times of day .
17 She first offered monarchs to four ‘ experimental ’ birds and viceroys to four ‘ control ’ birds ; she recorded how many times the birds avoided the butterflies or pecked at them .
18 Brower then offered viceroys to both classes of jays and recorded whether they avoided or pecked at them .
19 Brower then offered viceroys to both classes of jays and recorded the number of trials in which they avoided the butterflies or pecked at them ; the numbers in the Table give her results .
20 But Llewellyn denied his players had grabbed testicles or spat at the world champions .
21 Often they are recruited or assigned at short notice to an unfamiliar school and are expected to instantly mould themselves to its systems of operating and style .
22 Surprisingly , perhaps , I find that walking with no means to draw or paint at all often has the effect of revelation at a particular place and time along the walk .
23 They would go to one another 's flats , have supper in a bistro , go to a film , or sit at home with bowls of spaghetti , chatting and watching television .
24 Perhaps I was sent to the chippie , or café up the street to fetch cigarettes , or lemonade , or to go at full haste and deliver a note to one of his girl-friends ; or maybe he simply wanted to chastise me for something I had done , as for instance when I inadvertently got him into hot water by mentioning to Mum that I had seen him with a girl ( an infamous young woman ) after he had faithfully promised not to see her again , ever .
25 This degree of knowledge will not guarantee immunity from mistakes or deceit at the hands of unscrupulous dealers , but it will help to combat the more obvious attempts at misinformation — far more likely than outright deception — and assist in assessing the integrity of any dealer or expert whom one may need to rely on for advice .
26 The organization of conferences , seminars and other such meetings can be most time-consuming and labour-intensive , and probably for this reason the clearinghouses are not quite as active in this area as one might expect , although each of the national clearinghouses regularly organize or sponsor at least one .
27 Even the research listed by the ‘ independent ’ Police Foundation or undertaken at the University Centres for Criminological Research ( and largely dependent on government grants and funding by such bodies as the Economic and Social Research Council ) often comes up against the anti — intellectual bias which permeates all levels in police thinking ( Lewis 1976 ) .
28 New ramps that trucks could mount or circumvent at low speeds are one solution .
29 The tentacle scales may be distinct from the oral papillae being either separated by a gap or placed at a higher level as viewed from the ventral side as in the genera Ophiotoma and Ophioblenn .
30 A firm that acts as an investment manager for a customer must send a report at suitable intervals stating the value of the portfolio or account at the beginning and end of the period , its composition at the end and , in the case of a discretionary portfolio or account , changes in its composition between those dates .
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