Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [art] " in BNC.

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1 So what is required is a constriction of awareness which will remove some of the bad feeling and/or make the predicament look less severe or less intractable .
2 If the ad contains the words Company Member of the Master Locksmiths Association , and/or displays the MLA 's distinctive logo of two crossed keys ( reproduced here ) , you can be confident that you 've made the right choice .
3 Women who have maintained and/or developed an extensive network of personal relationships in middle age are held to be most favourably placed in coping with the problems of old age .
4 NDO will be happy to help and/or make the necessary arrangements .
5 It should condemn behaviour which is exploitative , violent , and/or involves the violation of one person 's liberty by another . ’
6 For example , salesmen and/or engineers will be trained to sell and/or service a specific product in which they may develop technical expertise and thereby offer a better sales and after-sales service to customers ;
7 If your project standards allow , you may change the 2nd parameter to TRUE to enable users to use the auto DC assessment facility and/or change the 3rd parameter to TRUE to grant public access to DCs .
8 The fact that the limited company has vacated its registered office and/or made no arrangements for forwarding post does not affect the validity of service .
9 The Duke said that there were two possible courses — to increase the endowment and/or to increase the annual subscription .
10 An option may give the holder either the right to buy or sell a share at a predetermined price from or to the issuer of the option , which is another individual rather than the firm underlying the security .
11 She had bought Martyr 's Cottage before his appointment as Director of the power station and he had moved in by an unspoken agreement that this was a temporary expedient while he decided what to do , keep on the Barbican flat as his main home or sell the flat and buy a house in Norwich and a smaller pied à terre in London .
12 They felt they should either bring in new blood or sell the company .
13 Are the Government prepared to exercise their right , as the holders of that share , to ensure that British Steel agrees to implement its promise that it would either stay at Ravenscraig or sell the plant to somebody else ?
14 Come on might as well er sell the city or sell the town
15 Apart from the fact that this ignores the possibility that shareholders may have other objectives in investing ( such as opposing investment in countries practising apartheid , or opposing the manufacture of armaments or cigarettes , etc. ) the profit-maximization norm does not provide a hard guideline as to how directors should exercise their discretion .
16 Whether you are proposing or opposing an application , what is the best way to influence the decision that is eventually made ?
17 working for or assisting a competitor .
18 As the government forces recaptured towns and villages , the army reportedly held ‘ kangaroo courts ’ and executed anyone suspected of joining or assisting the invasion force .
19 Section 83 stipulates that section 82 does not preclude the disclosure of information in any case in which disclosure is for the purpose of enabling or assisting the Bank to discharge its functions under the Act .
20 Coverage failed to highlight the wrongful arrests of blacks or excessive use of force by the police ; nor did it adequately convey the extent of pro-social activity engaged in by black ‘ counter-rioters ’ , such as helping the wounded or assisting the emergency services .
21 The Remmelink Commission , set up in January 1990 , published its conclusions on Sept. 10 , 1991 , calculating that in the Netherlands there were annually some 2,700 cases of euthanasia or assisting the death of patients , and some 1,000 cases of intervention to terminate the life of patients unable to express their wishes .
22 The basic rule in s.179 is , however , subject to s.180(1) , as amended , CA 1989 , which permits disclosure of the relevant information in a number of circumstances eg. for the purpose of enabling or assisting an overseas regulatory authority to exercise its regulatory functions .
23 Section 84 provides that section 82 does not preclude the disclosure by the Bank of information to a numerous class of specified persons , including , most significantly , ‘ for the purpose of enabling or assisting an authority in a country or territory outside the United Kingdom to exercise — ( a ) functions corresponding to those of — ( i ) the Bank under this Act : ’ subsection ( 6 ) ( a ) .
24 Unfortunately , the same can not be said of British primary legislation , where ascertaining the date of commencement can be a substantial problem .
25 Erm but if you ca n't sleep you could put a little bit on a hankie on your pillow or rub a little bit on your chest , and it 'll help to erm make you sleep .
26 The basic level ‘ is that level of abstraction that is appropriate for using , thinking about , or naming an object in most situations in which the object occurs ’ ( Rosch , 1978 , p.43 ) .
27 Without memory , disk or display the SS10–30 is $9,000 , $13,400 — SS10–41 .
28 The task might be to review the progress of a project or to plan a piece of action or to analyse a problem or to decide on the best solution to a problem .
29 This will help her calculate what quantities of tin openers to order , or to plan a promotion campaign at the beginning of February .
30 This additional property , Minsky believes , could have a functional or evolutionary explanation , of the sort suggested for the property of modularity itself by Simon , in that the ‘ conscious ’ supreme organizing module would ipso facto be in a position to ‘ debug ’ or repair the connections of the lower modules amongst themselves or to itself .
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