Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Check , recharge and/or change as required any ion exchange media that you may be using on a frequent and routine basis .
2 And building society , anybody who has a building society account prior to ninety one two if they had n't income really i they were silly to have money in the building society account because they were having tax deducted but could n't get it back and at the same time as the independent taxation they changed the er tax system for building societies and banks which meant that banks and building societies were then deducted tax at the standard rate of twenty five percent and it could be refunded or repaid or not deducted in certain circumstances , so back to your question , anybody who has money in a building society now , or is n't taxable , should ask the building society not to deduct tax , as they 're entitled to do , fill a form and , and where people can state that they do n't , they 're not liable to pay tax , building societies and banks will not now deduct income tax .
3 It 's the kind of mistake you 'll only make once or twice , I suppose , but it would be simpler if , when you enter the CUSTOMER invoice section , the program asked whether you wanted to print the invoice , and gave you the option of which one to use , or asked whether the invoice had already been raised .
4 consulted or asked or involved or anything like that
5 ( 3 ) All other estates , interests , and charges in or over land take effect as equitable interests ; ( 4 ) The estates , interests , and charges which under this section are authorised to subsist or be conveyed or created at law are ( when subsisting or conveyed or created at law ) in this Act referred to as " legal estates , " and have the same incidents as legal estates subsisting at the commencement of this Act ; and the owner of a legal estate is referred to as " an estate owner " and his legal estate is referred to as his estate .
6 Watch out for a fairweather friend or a back stabbing buddy Wednesday and do n't be too disappointed or upset if someone you like and admire turns out to be a real rotter with feet of clay .
7 Watch out for a fair- weather friend or a back stabbing buddy Wednesday and do n't be too disappointed or upset if someone you like and admire turns out to be a real rotter with feet of clay .
8 Organise complex or demanding or extended subject matter clearly and effectively .
9 Similarly children have been spaced or limited when required by a variety of means ( e.g. abstinence after the birth of a child , or delaying the age for cohabitation ) .
10 Wood needs to be stained or painted but with new microporous paints and preservatives , the finish will last much longer .
11 You might say " I am no artist " , or " I ca n't draw a straight line " , or " I have n't drawn or painted since I left school . " .
12 Alcoves like this can also be treated like separate small rooms and lined with mirror ; or with the curtain or shade fabric ; or painted or papered in a colour from the room scheme which is at the same time different from the main walls .
13 The walls were bare and whitewashed ; they might be distempered or painted and a few bright prints could be added and hung high enough to be out of the patients reach .
14 Old dressers and chests of drawers , if you can still find them , can be stripped and polished or painted and decorated .
15 If you can not have any natural material for some reason , keep your bare boards , scraped , sanded and sealed , or painted if the boards are in bad condition or have vinyl or composition tiles .
16 Next he grouped the climbing , shrubby plants needing support or fastening and these are followed by hardy evergreen trees and shrubs .
17 The cost of the Coniston ore delivered at the smelters was reckoned at 3s. 6d. a kibble , or more , which figure would improve or worsen depending upon output , and included " getting & shawdring & the carrieage . "
18 Although he was a fully qualified pilot , he never to my knowledge ( certainly not whilst he was with No 7 Squadron ) was ever captain of an aircraft ; he had been second pilot , or flown as mid- upper , or rear gunner or had taken some other crew function , but at the same time he would be researching and demonstrating some aspect of a project that he was currently engaged with at the Institute .
19 We are not prepared to stand by and let schools in areas that we represent get closed or re-organised or whatever , at the expense of small village schools , which should be re-organised , or re-rationalised before schools in large urban areas .
20 Many airlines are so confused or battered that they no longer have anything resembling a clear business strategy .
21 I had n't relaxed or over-reached or crumbled or collapsed .
22 Is the water in your paddock stale or contaminated and therefore not attractive to her ?
23 Paragraph one point four , legislation , figures prominent in here and Mr , legislation of course is currently a changing scheme in our service and perhaps the most important new act for several years is the New Road and Street Works Act , which is scheduled to be in action on the first of January next year and this will have two main effects for us , firstly the Local Highway Authority that is ourselves in Suffolk will be in a far stronger position to manage or influence or control the work of public utilities in public highways .
24 Conservative Members say that they do not wish to pursue people or insist that their will should be enforced .
25 When something goes wrong , I find the quickest way to make matters worse is to launch in with my own fury , or insist that they repair the damage MY way .
26 The purpose of this study is to determine whether accounting practices need to be adjusted or developed if they are to be of use to firms operating in the highly changeful high technology sectors .
27 In many Endopterygote larvae , however , the gula is bounded by variously formed ecdysial lines along which the ventral side of the head-capsule bends or splits when the insect moults ( Hinton , 1963 ) .
28 At this stage an important surf rule needs to be observed : never be in a position directly behind the board or rig as a wave approaches .
29 Perhaps he was too young to assume the purple , in which case the Senate would either appoint a Regent ( who usually proclaimed himself emperor and murdered his young rival ) or declare that , owing to an emergency ( the impending bankruptcy of the empire , for example , or yet another insurrection in Dacia ) , the throne would pass to a full-grown man .
30 In Southampton in the 1450s , when there was considerable bitterness in civic politics over the attitude to be taken to aliens , whether they should be welcomed for bringing wealth to the town , or attacked as intruders , marriage could lead a man to switch his allegiance from one group to another .
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