Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 In granting an exemption the Commission can attach appropriate conditions to the operation of the agreement such as , for example , a requirement that the parties notify the Commission as to the future operation of the agreement and/or review its operation prior to the expiry of the exemption , to limit the operation of the exemption for a specific period of time so as to enable the Commission to review its operation at some future date .
2 Such movement was especially great in the 1960s and 1970s because this was a time of rapid change in industrial technology , calling for new investments , and capitalists preferred to make ‘ drastic adjustments , such as massively replacing living labor by machines and/or disciplining their labor forces ’ ( p. 129 ) in areas of low-intensity class struggle .
3 Processing items as soon as possible after soiling and/or submitting them to preliminary treatment .
4 ‘ Thoo should 'ave waited for me afore fastening 'im .
5 There is no telling how many borrowers and banks are in the same bind , but it is familiar to householders , who have found that they can neither keep up with their mortgages or sell their houses on terms which would not bankrupt them .
6 FED-UP Gordon Armstrong last night begged Sunderland : ‘ Play me or sell me . ’
7 Ember said more loudly , ‘ So now it 's either sell you or sell me .
8 This sparked immediate criticism that the MMC regulations requiring Bass to free pubs from the tie or sell them had been by-passed .
9 Once a bank purchases such bills it can hold the bills to maturity or sell them in a secondary market to any other bank(s) .
10 We succeed in operating them profitably , but the big national breweries regard such pubs as non-viable and tend to close them or sell them off , with inevitable consequences in the form of unemployment .
11 What d do you make them or sell them or what ?
12 She said I could keep any of the stuff she left behind , or sell it if I wanted , but I du n no about that .
13 ‘ It 's all right , dear , I 'm going to wash everything , and either keep it or sell it .
14 Their accountants advised them to put further capital into the business or sell it .
15 The employer may wish to engage specialist relocation and international removal firms to deal with the employee 's property ( rent it out or sell it ) and to transport household effects to the new location .
16 We endorse Republican legislation , the Pornography Victims Compensation Act , allowing victims of pornography to seek damages from those who make or sell it , especially since the Commission on Pornography , in 1986 , found a direct link between pornography and violent crimes committed against women and children …
17 This is perhaps inevitable because in such cases it is not entirely illogical to argue that if the information was already publicly known why should anyone want to publish it or sell it ?
18 I 'll either bring someone else in to manage it , or sell it .
19 It was yet another of the advantages of belonging to the working class , like always knowing someone who would send her son round to unblock the sink , lay a carpet , get the cat down from the tree , lend you a van for the evening or sell you trainers and tracksuits cheap .
20 ‘ Do not deal with people who come knocking on your door asking if they can do work or sell you goods or services , unless you are sure what you are getting into , ’ says a Gwynedd Trading Standards leaflet .
21 Yeah but they said we ca n't charge you for it he said we sell a new tube or sell you a new tyre he said we can charge you but we ca n't charge you labour .
22 He 'll steal , beg , pawn or sell his family treasures , anything .
23 Or sell my story to some Hong Kong newspaper ? ’
24 I hope to show you that there are things you can do to improve your frame of mind ; and that this is a necessary preliminary to engaging with change , whether by promoting , implementing or opposing it , in an intelligent and powerful way .
25 ‘ Are you telling me or accusing me ? ’ he asked , his eyes laughing at her .
26 But , how incomplete is our political system today ; does it satisfy or repress its citizens ?
27 We should not suppress or repress our anger feelings .
28 The fingers move gently in and start to tickle it or rub its face and then , without warning , grab it and pick it up .
29 The importance of locational specifications in general can be gauged from the fact that there seem to be two basic ways of referring to objects — by describing or naming them on the one hand , and by locating them on the other ( Lyons , 1977a : 648 ) .
30 When we ask the horse to work or reproduce itself we know that their requirements for nutrients ( ie Energy , Protein , Vitamins and Minerals ) increase .
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