Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The assumption was that later information would allow some of these paths to be eliminated ; the graph would ‘ narrow ’ because hypotheses at some point were acoustically clearer and/or limited by top-down information .
2 Where a bankrupt has been discharged , whether automatically or as a result of an application to the court , the court must on the request of the bankrupt issue him with a certificate of discharge , and the bankrupt may also require the Secretary of State to gazette and/or advertise in any newspaper in which the bankruptcy was advertised a notice of the discharge ( r 6.220 ) .
3 For the reasons I have given , I conclude that if ( but only if ) Lautro did not afford to a person or firm served with an intervention notice in accordance with rule 7.3(12) the opportunity to apply to the board to rescind the notice , and/or to appeal against it , then the lack of such remedies would be unfair and the procedure unlawful .
4 This heater may or may not be calibrated and/or pre-set to a useful fishkeeping temperature .
5 Departmental submissions developed in liaison with committee members and/or communicated to the committee by departmental representatives provided a picture of the " nitty-gritty needs " which the committee then processed into a coordinated final plan .
6 But it seems likely that more than four million disabled people and full-time carers are discouraged , disenfranchised and/or discriminated against when it comes to voting .
7 There are also transaction costs involved in acquiring and/or disposing of the requisite foreign exchange .
8 Secondary evidence is second-hand information , removed in time and/or place from the incident referred to .
9 The pointes must not be thought of as a prop on which to balance the body , but as an extra dimension to make dramatic sense of a statement about the character on pointes and/or to relate in some way to the story or theme .
10 At the second last she put in a tremendous leap and was back in the lead as Run And Skip started to fade , but Forgive 'N Forget on the stands side and Wayward Lad inside him were now going for home , and they passed Dawn Run on the approach to the last .
11 Most of the above rules show stress tending to go on syllables containing a long vowel or diphthong and/or ending with more than one consonant .
12 There is no record of John having been apprehended and/or fined at that time , but it is almost certain that he would be dealt with in some way .
13 He , too , has the courage to speak out , and so has Ted Heath , whether what they say is right or wrong or agrees with the party line .
14 All these institutions are controlled From above , all an subject to directives emanating from the same political institution or institutions , all have their key officials in the nomenklatura of higher Party officials ( that is , their officials are appointed and removed only when a Party organ takes the action or agrees to it ) , all have developed many of the characteristics associated with bureaucratization .
15 Connery is n't playing with politics or toying with a party allegiance ; he opinion is founded on his life experience .
16 Personal information about us , once typed on record cards or stuffed into filing cabinets is now kept on computer , information which once even the bank manager or doctor could n't find is now accessible to thousands through a computer keyboard , and everyday this information is routinely sold , to employers investigating potential and current employees , to companies investigating competitors and customers , and to anyone willing to pay in a trade which grows , uncontrolled , daily .
17 First , a facet may be divided into subfacets or subclasses by the application of an additional single characteristic of subdivision .
18 ‘ … the innocent party is not bound to go on the market and buy or sell at the date of the breach .
19 Now the trick of course is to buy at the cheapest price or sell at the most expensive .
20 Or sell for £200 .
21 EMG 81 humbucker , swap for EMG 60 or Strat pickup or sell for £40 .
22 BOSS Digitech shift delay for Boss GE7 equaliser or sell for £60 .
23 LANEY AOR 50 head plus 4x12 , never gigged , excellent condition , swap for Marshall Valvestate 80/80 or sell for £330 ono .
24 1.3 Neither nor any of its subsidiaries , officers , agents or employees shall directly or indirectly seek customers , establish branches , maintain distribution depots or promote or sell in any way the Licensed Software in the Agreed Territories during the continuance of this Agreement .
25 Chambers ( 1983 forthcoming , and in shorter form 1980 a and b ) has exhorted government officials to be aware that ‘ in developing countries poor rural people and rural poverty in general are underperceived or misperceived by those who themselves are neither poor nor rural ’ .
26 Before considering future development it would be advisable for those agencies already providing or assisting in the provision of day care to evaluate current service to determine its efficacy .
27 MAS 's role in advising on or assisting in the preparation of a client 's Information memorandum does not involve the issuance of a published report nor does it involve any association with the client 's Information memorandum beyond that set out in the terms of engagement , which should be appropriately limited .
28 The following procedures should be adopted when advising on or assisting in the preparation of an Information memorandum :
29 ( 3 ) A notice under this subsection shall give such information identifying or assisting in the identification of the person who committed the act or default or gave the information as is in the possession of the person serving the notice at the time he serves it .
30 The law section three of the criminal law act nineteen sixty seven reads a person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large .
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