Example sentences of "[pron] could [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Maybe if you told me , I could kind of suss her out .
2 I explained as succinctly as I could Archie 's difficulty .
3 When he was first with me I could belt up about seven in the morning , but , recently I 've noticed that I feel unwell if I get up and rush out .
4 Or maybe I could guts it out with penicillin , from my personal supply .
5 I could nay of told the
6 If I could Chairman erm just a little bit erm about the erm conservatives erm proposals .
7 I could ABAB ABAB or even ABAB CDCD .
8 I was petrified , but there was nothing I could d .
9 Erm if I could sir , refer you to your ordnance survey plan which shows the the highway network as it enters the City .
10 I could hole nothing on the run home ’ sighed Dymphna .
11 I could hitch-hike , ’ she retorted .
12 I I I I think that 's one of the options that I could sort of er I could still be the li , cleaner over here .
13 He says being a little forgiving I could praps forgive them a little for us on the 1952 test , the first , but I ca n't forgive them for what they did to these other lads on the later tests , they must have known something from Nagasaki , Hiroshima and Bikini atoll tests .
14 I told myself going to the 18th today that if I could birdie it I could win the tournament . ’
15 ‘ I do remember buying books of halfpenny tickets , so I could practice on my own in addition to the visits with the school .
16 I took a mug of coffee up to the pathologist so I could earwig what was going down .
17 Course I 'd like it , if I could June I would like it for Friday .
18 For many years , I have wished more than words can say that I could unburden myself , unbutton my secret .
19 Our Irish priest was not a person I felt I could unburden myself to .
20 I learnt to speak French and German fluently , and had passed as much leave as I could travelling about Europe .
21 Although I had a mouthful of sour grapes I thought it was worth going so I could corner Polymers football club chairman , Stan Bates .
22 Anyway , I had enough to save up to buy a Raleigh bike one pound it cost — which meant I could cycle over to Middleton in Teesdale on my night off .
23 I read in the paper about the gales where you are , and I wish I could magic you away and into the warm front room of our house .
24 I could walker , I were a walker .
25 Never leave toys on stairs where someone could trip and fall .
26 Reports from the US suggest that Covia 's software will also be snapped up by Sun Microsystems Inc , which could OEM CI as an add-on to its Open Networking Computing environment .
27 The first synthetic assembly glues were therefore of the ureaformaldehyde type which could h set with much weaker catalysts .
28 By 1808 the unpopularity of Godoy had spread beyond these circles to embrace all classes and the revolution prophesied in 1798 was turning against the court that supported his power : a monarchy which could disgrace itself and by its foreign policy plunge Spain into inflation , dear bread , commercial depression , and the loss of the American market must be limited by a constitution .
29 Although this programme has not yet started if you feel you have an initiative which could quality contact your representative and have a chat .
30 Not only do the World Cup organisers have to keep England 's and Holland 's supporters apart , they will also have to cope with Ireland 's peaceful ‘ green army ’ , which could number 20,000 .
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