Example sentences of "[pron] can [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps I can chance it . ’
2 Let me give a few examples : I can will knowledge but not wisdom ; going to bed but not sleeping ; eating but not hunger … self-assertion but not courage … reading but not understanding …
3 This basic categorical imperative bids me only act on such a maxim as I can will should become a universal law to which all rational agents conform their behaviour .
4 I can Dream rings around you , and you ai n't seen nothin' yet ! ’
5 ‘ Fenna , ’ she told him sternly , ‘ I can out-tantrum you .
6 I can sill see in my own mind the ball knocking down the middle stump , and as Hearne walked past Lowry he said , ‘ This is quite unfair , Mr Lowry . ’ ’
7 Where I can not advise I can condole and communicate , which doubles joy , halves sorrow .
8 It 's silly to cry , specially when it ai n't me who 's hurt , but I can t stop .
9 I can t wait for Marie to be finished here so we can walk down the street in our new clothes .
10 I du n no if they told me the way — I can t remember , but I think it 's this way .
11 I can t see what 's to stop you , ’ she said .
12 He does n't know of the possibly criminal activities which may be going on under the cover of the Ingard group — and I can t at present discuss such matters with him .
13 I can t afford to take risks .
14 Well , I can re-offer this at five hundred and sixty to the half thousand dollars , instead of , six hundred and eleven thousand , six hundred , that sounds like a ten percent reduction to me .
15 I can juggling .
16 Details have still to be worked out , but Chez reckons that with the aid of his home computer and his Nintendo Boot Sale Blitz game , he and I can milk off a tidy sum whilst still leaving the club with a small profit .
17 All right I 'll try for you I 'll try for you I 'll see if I can O nine O four six four one six four one .
18 I think I can sir .
19 This morning I can kind of feel it , but last night it was as if I was when I swallowed there was a big lump .
20 So I can muck about on that piece before I tackle it in here , so mm .
21 The price of a full season ticket was going to be as much as a term 's school fees , and when I saw my father 's horrified face , I said , ‘ I can cycle . ’
22 He says he is n't , so I ask him if I can caddie for him .
23 ‘ I may have to miss the first game but I 'm hoping to get myself a boot made for my left foot with a steel plate in it to protect the toe so that I can practice as soon as I get to India . ’
24 In fact , if I can time my travel to be in a place when a beer festival is on , I attend it .
25 I 'm just going to have to try a perpendicular approach and hope I can time my arrival to a point when the hole is passing in front of me . ’
26 And now you can ask I can sort of ask you questions on it like if he 's been travelling for let's say If he 's if he 's covered sixty miles how long has he been riding for ?
27 Erm ah , now that erm I think I was reasonably happy most of the time , erm I know if I can sort of look at the other side of the coin erm , I became a bit apprehensive as the war went on and er , obviously it was n't going to last much longer .
28 the exams and if I can sort of say , you do n't need to worry about
29 I 've got on the tape here a song which is by Manny Fryer he used to sing in Steel Ice Band er now I know that that 's sort of very old hat , I 'm sorry , but I sort of live in the past and er this er I I believe also that these days so that er you know I can sort of justify that but this is a song that er she has sung which er reminds us that each of us has the potential to commit the crime I 'll try not to play it fast forward , let's see how we go .
30 ‘ Communication is difficult but I can sort of make myself understood in some ways .
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