Example sentences of "[pron] to be " in BNC.

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1 And I to be a corporal of his field ,
2 So he sent a telegram to his wife saying : ‘ Am in Market Harborough — where ought I to be ? ’ and she , being a practical woman , sent a terse telegram with one word : ‘ Home ’ .
3 Who was I to be taking on a contender like Thomas Carter , a management consultant and the owner-occupier of a £500,000 property set in the accessible Arcadia of Boars Hill ?
4 Nevertheless , it clearly would n't do for Karen and I to be seen together immediately afterwards .
5 Indeed , he even reveals that he has recovered from a bout of depression : ‘ What right have I to be depressed ?
6 Am I to be interested in you or not ? ’
7 Am I to be troubled by a skinny old fool in mirror shades ?
8 I have relatively high stakes in conformity — I happen to have done fairly well out of it ; I would have a certain amount to lose in terms of reputation were I to be apprehended .
9 Foreign communities , whether tribal or otherwise , are no more anxious than you or I to be subjected to intensive and embarrassingly close scrutiny by a tiresome stranger whose aims and intentions may be , to say the least , puzzling .
10 I think , I to be quite honest , correct me if I 'm wrong , with regard to the publicity group , that the publicity group really was to get something out that was going to act as an icebreaker to the members .
11 But , you say , ought n't I to be a policeman or a former policeman myself , like John Wainwright , to be able to do this ?
12 ‘ Am I to be dragged halfway across the country in a cart ? ’
13 PAMELA : And pray , how came I to be his property ?
14 ‘ Am I to be a king , or just a pig ? ’
15 A seemingly exasperated Jesus says , Oh faithless and perverse generation , how long am I to be with you ?
16 Am I to be allowed out of here ? ’
17 This enabled the movements of Filden I to be monitored closely from the time she left Dieppe .
18 ‘ Am I to be weaponless again ? ’ said Hrun .
19 ‘ Am I to be allowed to phone for a cab from your apartment ? ’
20 Ought I to be fearful for my life ? ’
21 Who am I to be merciful ?
22 Am I to be killed in this mysterious attempt to escape ? ’
23 At length she asked , ‘ Am I to be content with that snippet of intelligence : ‘ Sir George likes me ’ ? ’
24 Am I to be mobbed by all these folk for want of an end to their Mystery ?
25 Lewis is extremely good at describing the actual territory in which the moral life , for most of us , is thrashed out , and the extent to which we enable ourselves to be deluded about ourselves and other people :
26 By this stage in the Parliament we were deeply unpopular and had allowed ourselves to be painted as a government forcing through doctrinaire policies .
27 But we could never bring ourselves to be bedded by them , though there was a little gypsy flower-girl with her gilded basket of faded carnations , stolen from a grave , who announced a sudden passion for Dana .
28 But given its setting , we must not allow ourselves to be blinded by Abraham 's bravery , nor , when we read of the resounding success of his venture , by his military prowess .
29 I would like to say on behalf of us all how glad we are to welcome the Eberhardts , and how privileged we feel ourselves to be offered this recital .
30 I fear the Tory tabloids have made it difficult for those of us anti-Leftists who consider ourselves to be of a more reflective disposition .
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