Example sentences of "[pron] have [verb] " in BNC.

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1 On the word ‘ go ’ , everyone has to hit their egg and try to reach the other side of the room .
2 That is why schools increasingly take immense amounts of classroom time to work their way through rule systems with children , so that the end result is a matter of agreement , towards which everyone has contributed and on which everyone has agreed .
3 By the time I am ready to move again everyone has gone .
4 Everyone has gone .
5 There 's no one in there , everyone has gone .
6 They 're just confirming that not everyone has to sing the same song .
7 approach , that 's why everybody ca n't , you know , everyone has to conform and it 's like
8 From fashion designers looking for a source of chic thrills to Sunday supplements looking to tickle their readers ' fancy , everyone has plundered the S&M scene for imagery .
9 True art and architecture collaboration is a process in which everyone has to define his own limits .
10 They start again when the time comes , when alliances have shifted , when everyone has stored enough ammunition to have another go , when race hatreds revive under the guise of class wars begin anew as ethnic strife .
11 Everyone has faced the embarrassing dilemma of deciding how much extra to give a waiter , hairdresser or taxi-driver .
12 DURING Fun Fortnight we 've had jokes on everything from cows to coughs , doctors to dentists , and everyone has given us a good laugh .
13 DURING Fun Fortnight we 've had jokes on everything from cows to coughs , doctors to dentists , and everyone has given us a good laugh .
14 As I said , everyone has to go there and a list of Swifts as long as my arm have been to it and now it 's your turn . ’
15 And entertainment as fantasy is not acceptable , though I do n't think everyone has to go to the extremes of U2 or Jimmy Somerville , or whoever it is or whatever their politics .
16 that 's because , you know , I 'm better than everyone else so that 's why everyone has to see wha everyone , everyone has to hear what I 'm saying
17 ‘ He will be nursing a secret desire to try to make amends , even though everyone has reassured him that these things happen .
18 The game continues until everyone has run twice .
19 Everyone has made gifts for all others present , and these normally come with a little poem from ‘ Sinterklaas ’ himself .
20 Everyone has made me feel so very welcome and I 'm fortunate in that . ’
21 Everyone has heard that there is a big buzz going around about one band or another , but what does that mean ?
22 Everyone has heard that the mustard giants make their money from the amount of the condiment that is left on the sides of our plates .
23 Virtually everyone has heard about the importance of adequate protein in the diet .
24 Everyone has heard of stressed executives who suffer peptic ulcers and ulcerative colitis .
25 By now everyone has heard that there is a ‘ crisis ’ in English .
26 Everyone has heard them .
27 It is much more difficult to get at property profits than at share profits — everyone has to live somewhere .
28 It 's only in the last few years that everyone has begun talking seriously about fibre in diet , although those who have always eaten a breakfast that includes all-bran have known for years about the virtues of fibre .
29 Everyone has jumped on the bus without paying and now the whole transport system is going under .
30 Everyone has done this — why do n't you ! ’
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