Example sentences of "[pron] [vb mod] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 I mean them let's face it one out the three of us should of thought a bit more .
2 In its standard form , the Prisoners ' Dilemma is a game played by two players , each of whom may choose either to cooperate , C , or defect , D , in any one encounter .
3 from this point on , Spencer Stuart became a genuinely international firm owned by its own consultants ( none of whom may hold more than 2% of the stock ) and managed by a Chairman and a Chief Executive , each of whom is elected to the position for a defined period .
4 The Executive Committee shall meet not less than twice a year in every calendar year : decide its own procedure : elect its own Chairman and Vice-Chairman , each of whom may hold the office for a maximum period of four consecutive years .
5 It is not surprising that many people , some of whom may have seen the equity in their homes rise tenfold , should decide to spend more .
6 Performing King Lear in the round meant making eye-contact with members of the audience , some of whom may have really been embroiled in mayhem the actors were merely playing at .
7 Similar attitudes of troops of occupation of all ages and in all places , from South America to India , help us understand the revulsion now felt by many Britons , some of whom may have been sympathetic to Rome and hopeful of recognition of their natural rights and dignity .
8 In addition , there are an unknown number of refugees from various countries , several of whom may have impairments associated with war , torture and so on .
9 He was survived by his widow and seven sons and five daughters , some of whom may have been from his previous marriage .
10 I am sure that the House wished to join him in sending its sympathy to the many victims , some of whom may have suffered irreparable damage .
11 The January 1983 Medau News would contain an article explaining the new system to all and a letter would be sent to class secretaries ( some of whom may have changed since Sept. ) asking again for their help in encouraging membership amongst class members .
12 Yet at a time when the rest of the industrialized world is moving towards a forty hour week , women , many of whom may work at least eighty hours per week , are encouraged to regard this as not being work .
13 This is obviously far more satisfactory than leaving it to a widely dispersed class of persons each of whom may lack the skill , interest and financial resources required if he is to take action on his own .
14 Excuse me let's eat tonight mind .
15 While the child is in care no-one may cause him to be known by a new surname or remove him from the United Kingdom without either the written consent of every person who has parental responsibility or the leave of the court ( s33(7) ) .
16 You go into the bedroom , checking the position of the mirrors ; none of them ought to show you to anybody in the bathroom .
17 Your parents are legally responsible for you and one of them ought to know about anything that might affect your health , either emotionally or physically .
18 Some of them may involve social policies ; others may involve environmental policies on which we shall have to give ground during the next 10 , 15 or 20 years .
19 4 to 5 is relatively easy and if someone starts off at 5 they do n't need any persuading at all ( attempts to persuade them may irritate them so much that they start to move to the left ! ) .
20 The differences found between them may throw light on certain rarely remarked properties of the object which suggest that it has a major role in the development of cognitive abilities and the ways in which the world is perceived , understood and lived in .
21 Investors are reminded that as a consequence of the general nature of the investments held and of possible exchange and interest rate fluctuations , the value of their shares and the yield from them may go down as well as up and that past performance is no guide to the future .
22 The three quarks inside a proton normally do not have enough energy to change into antielectrons , but very occasionally one of them may acquire sufficient energy to make the transition because the uncertainty principle means that the energy of the quarks inside the proton can not be fixed exactly .
23 To further subdivide them may make record-keeping impossibly complicated .
24 The most energetic of them may form themselves into pressure-groups of a not wholly child-centred kind .
25 Others among them may form consistently unfortunate or unhappy heterosexual relationships without realising the true reason for their failures in this area ; for these , realisation of their homosexual needs and urges could be a step towards release from a heterosexual bondage .
26 Some of them may succeed in keeping abreast of course-work but will make little attempt to understand what has been presented to them during lectures and tutorial periods .
27 Beauty is often the object of envy by a plain person , yet people whose prettiness as children captivated the adults around them may grow up with a severe disadvantage .
28 The French education system has had many of the features now introduced into the British system for more than a century and studying them may shed some light on future possibilities for schooling in this country .
29 A phone call or a letter to them may set your investigations off on a completely new heading and give you further experts whose evidence would be helpful to you .
30 I have passed it round the various organisations within the parish and some of them may reply directly to your office .
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