Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 But in any case , the best proof of the pudding is in the eating — by which I mean that any one who has tried to help young poets over the years , whether in Britain or America , knows that Ford 's and the imagists ' precepts about diction are what most of them most need to learn — no novelty , after all , since they can learn the same lessons from the preface to Lyrical Ballads , if they choose to .
2 For all their bluster about foreign conspiracy , the foreigners who worry them most live not in the United States or Western Europe but in Hungary , Poland and the Soviet Union .
3 Swallows and house martins have dispensed with them altogether to gain a clear view of the insects they catch on the wing .
4 They had just overwhelmingly repulsed an unprovoked attack by a European power , and their past history gave them little cause to regard Europeans with favour .
5 No adult insect can produce silk , so these ants bring young larvae to the site , holding them between their jaws and giving them little squeezes so that the larvae will produce their silk .
6 The labour movement has made hardly any use of its own scholars and intellectuals , and gives them little support , so that many drift through higher education into roles that have little relationship with their origins and aspirations .
7 I 'll bring them little divils back to the house for ye , mam .
8 She treats them like a pair of toy dogs , throwing them little treats when they 're good to make them more dependent on her . ’
9 France has 40 resorts and Spain 31 , most of them little known over here but none the worse for that , provided you can speak the appropriate language .
10 There was a sense of urgency about proceedings now ( the fifteen minute assembly time was more than half over already ) so everyone duly dropped bags , coats and shoes where they were , filed into the sports hall and sat on the floor for the assembly .
11 Mary , my eldest sister , had taken the day off work and had washed the curtains but for lack of time to dry them properly had hung them back up wet .
12 Not all Thom 's conclusions are fully accepted , but to understand them properly requires a knowledge of mathematics , statistics , surveying , astronomy , and archaeology — not a common combination .
13 I keep saying when they get sort of quite long that I 'll have them properly shaped and
14 She would not part with her shoes for long enough for me to have them properly repaired .
15 Write these down and get them properly agreed with your boss .
16 ‘ But this is the bit that took me longest to work out .
17 But when she was very sad she understood that sorrow casts out fear , and then the murderer could call with a few of his friends and she would tell them wearily to bugger off and they would go , since , after all , there can be no satisfaction in murdering the dead .
18 The cummerbund , meant to be worn with the singlebreasted jacket , is also acceptable , but I fear I find them rather affected .
19 Now that he was left alone with the two women , both of whom ( he imagined ) rather admired him , Rupert felt a sense of power , though there being two of them rather limited the scope of what he could do — cramped his style , he might almost have said .
20 When returning the draft Contract to me duly signed will you let me have a cheque in favour of Messrs. Stanley Tee & Co. for £2,600 the 5% deposit and I will place this on deposit with my firm 's bankers so that it does not lose you interest , so there should be no delay in exchanging contracts once you have received the insurance company 's acceptance of your life proposals .
21 It was felt that the TUCCs would not have the time or resources necessary to look after the wide range of services and operators , many of them locally based , in the bus sector .
22 That track might have been the boundary of the world for some villagers , most of whom rarely ventured beyond their nearest market town .
23 He recruited two Iranian brothers who were already British agents and brought them secretly tot eh Unties States for further training .
24 On Sept. 6 President Fernando Collor de Mello ordered Justice Minister Bernardo Cabral to investigate charges by the human rights organization Amnesty International that death squads , some of them secretly operated by the police , were murdering street children .
25 The white boys admire the cheek of the black lad who nicks their Kentucky'n'chips , as well as wanting to beat him up for it , just as many of them secretly envy and try to emulate the black street style which at another level they experience as so invasive .
26 ‘ See what yer mean , Joe , me neighbourly visit .
27 When they went up to the study Ethel and Mary waited outside with the little trays of sundries , catching glimpses of the people in the room , all of them nervously talking in high voices .
28 One of them discreetly asks how the other 's business is doing .
29 But it 's true to say that most actors feel their drama school training has left them inadequately prepared for working in television and film by the time they graduate .
30 But Mr. Munby so treated them because , in his submission , section 8 conferred complete autonomy on such minors , thus enabling them effectively to refuse medical treatment irrespective of how parental responsibilities might be sought to be exercised .
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