Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 She handed me Little Ben , advised me not to let Home Sister catch me leaving it so late , and took herself off .
2 ‘ They told me little James 's coat was around his head , ’ Kevin claimed .
3 And Joe 's mum give me mostly pound coins and get it changed for a ten pound note .
4 One may presume that the standard of living of both these groups was above the national average , and that this could have given them better resistance to disease than their poorer neighbours .
5 In five years a machine is counted as nothing in the balance sheet , but people count and age makes them more experienced , gives them better judgement — if they 're capable of learning , which most people are .
6 Unfortunately their crude tactics , due to a very low educational level , made them better counter-agents than agents for the Bolsheviks .
7 The lady who ran Ruane 's office said the dispenser was giving them better coffee , better chocolate , than any time in the last nine years .
8 " Well , I 'd say they 've copied a good idea from the squirrels and that makes them better rabbits . "
9 The rivets of personal weapons were capped with silver in order to make them better symbols of the superior power and prestige of their owners , not to render them more effective in actual warfare ( fig. 24 ) .
10 ‘ I had three kids , Australia seemed to offer them better prospects than England and I was proved right , ’ he says .
11 All we dare claim is that we are making them better readers ’ ( p. 56 ) .
12 I have a Series III 2,25 diesel and would like an engine that will give me better performance but maintain economy .
13 ‘ Well , I 'd never done weights before I came to Chelsea , and my wife gives me better things to eat than bananas .
14 After the meal is concluded there is the auction , conducted by a , by then , very inebriated MC whom only Stanley Unwin would understand .
15 With whom only months ago I had been like every other new recruit ;
16 What tipped the balance was a decision by some 3,000 Protestant electors to desert the Ulster Unionist candidate — for whom all nationalists were the same — and vote tactically in favour of the non-violent nationalism of the Social Democratic and Labour party victor , Joe Hendron .
17 Almighty God , unto whom all hearts be open , all desires known , and from whom no secrets are hid .
18 There is also to be a polo tournament for complete teams of non-polo players at £20 per team for whom all equipment will be supplied .
19 Is the Nat Sec the person through whom all dealings with the nation 's Churches at central level are to be conducted ( eg Synods , Assemblies , central women 's organisations , youth offices etc ) ?
20 Is Nat Sec the person through whom all dealings with government departments are to be channelled ( eg Dept of Education , Dept of Environment who are responsible for house to house collections in N.I ) ?
21 This was the man to whom all things were known ; this was the king who knew the countries of the world .
22 Jesus Christ , through whom all things were created ,
23 there is only one Lord , Jesus Christ , through whom all things were created and through whom we live
24 In The Faerie Queene , Spenser wrote of the first man and woman as ‘ Elfe … and Fay … [ of ] whom all Fayres spring ’ :
25 In any event , do not descend to the clichés of politician and journalist for whom all changes are ‘ dramatic ’ , all majorities are ‘ vast ’ and all proportions are ‘ mammoth ’ .
26 Each day ( or weekend ) there is a co-ordinator , who is either the Deputy Chief , one of the Principals or the Assistant Principal , to whom all accidents are reported .
27 In that respect , he envied them ; he worked with human beings , on whom all studies have to be done in the wild .
28 He strode ahead of Karlinsky , upon whom all eyes were fastened , and a few steps behind Karlinsky came Mrs Klein .
29 I am the person on whom all hopes are pinned , ’ he said .
30 ‘ We shall now sing one chorus of ‘ Praise God , from Whom all Blessings Flow ’ , Lambert announced .
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