Example sentences of "[pron] [prep] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The semiconductor devices are all fairly sensitive to excess heat , so do n't fry them during soldering !
2 The argument for this as-if strategy is straightforward enough : civilization is impossible unless the decisions of some well-defined person or group are accepted by everyone as setting public standards that will be enforced if necessary through the police power .
3 Cicely apologised for not being at Q.T. Day to thank everyone for supporting this Gala event .
4 Suddenly she was angry with everyone for involving her in all this .
5 Thank you everyone for taking the trouble to write .
6 WE had a lovely time in Lourdes , I want to thank everyone for looking after us both .
7 Beryl welcomed Kay Evans and thanked her on behalf of everyone for finding time in her busy life to attend our training days and for the interest she always shows in all we do .
8 The Bishop thanked everyone for travelling all the way from St Columba 's on Walney Island , St Wilfrid 's , Preston and many other parishes on such an inhospitable day and reminded the packed Cathedral that ‘ They choose to throw in their lot with us , it 's as simple as that .
9 Abruptly she looked away , hating him , hating herself , hating everyone for putting her in this horribly vulnerable position .
10 Pauline began the Meeting by thanking everyone for attending the important meeting before lunch and for their concern for our future .
11 Although it emphasises that the opportunities are not guaranteed to find success , market-orientated businesses should find them worth considering .
12 There were dangers in this silence — Wilson well understood that the steady remittance of funds for the care of Oreste constituted a claim on him over and above that of natural parentage — but she thought them worth risking .
13 Could n't hear nothing for splashing !
14 C&G 's 1 million-plus members , who will also have to approve the merger at a special meeting , will receive nothing for voting ‘ yes ’ .
15 But they are supremely experienced in the process of discovery , and when they do play older repertory they always do it with a sense of looking freshly at the notes , taking nothing for granted .
16 There are many different water filters and softeners on the market , but you should take nothing for granted , so consult the local water authority before using any of these devices .
17 Take nothing for granted .
18 He flicks through his computer in search of the file marked : ‘ Over-confidence ; The Perils Of , ’ and he produces a stream of anodyne phrases which might have been scripted at Anfield or Old Trafford : ‘ Take nothing for granted … great respect for the opposition … must get it right on the day . ’
19 Last January 's shock FA Cup exit against Wrexham acts as a sharp reminder that they can take nothing for granted at Scarborough .
20 ‘ I do n't see why I ca n't continue my run for the seniors , ’ he says , ‘ but I 'm taking nothing for granted . ’
21 As for his own comeback to the official international cricket scene , Gatting admitted : ‘ I 'd taken nothing for granted .
22 On the one hand , the researcher should try to take nothing for granted , but rather be surprised and intrigued by what is observed , as if trying to make sense of foreign culture .
23 It means that every night I do my homework ; I take nothing for granted .
24 The scrutiny takes nothing for granted but looks directly at what actually happens at all levels of the area under study .
25 Take nothing for granted .
26 Smith is still taking nothing for granted — he 's had the Danish champions watched five times .
27 I have no doubt that the majority of staff working in this difficult field do their job with compassion and professionalism , but this trial has shown that we can afford to take nothing for granted .
28 The rate of change in media will continue at this pace for some years and we can take nothing for granted .
29 ‘ We have learned to take nothing for granted .
30 I believe it is possible to propose an explanation for the intuitive feeling one gets that the -ing form would be somewhat inappropriate here : the author is describing a person who is groping for anything which will reassure her before she meets her angry father and the mere fact that she is able to perceive objects which are familiar to her — when she feels so disoriented that she can take nothing for granted — is what gives her the sense that she is neither shirking nor lying .
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