Example sentences of "[pron] [modal v] give " in BNC.

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1 Handling and using them may give a sense of the past .
2 ‘ These are enormously strong roots and the melding of them may give us an organisation far more formidable than either could be on their own . ’
3 But much latelier , in the private academies of Italy , wither I was favoured to resort , perceiving that some trifles which I had in memory , composed at under twenty or thereabouts , for the manner is that everyone must give some proof of his wit a reading there , met with acceptance above what was looked for , and other things which I had shifted in scarcity of books and conveniences to patch up amongst them , were received with written incomience which the Italian is not forward to bestow on men of this side the Alps .
4 People of opposing political views can live together , as can people of different religions , until something happens to make them meet head-on , and then one of them must give way .
5 Grant that by my prayers and alms , I may give to each continent what it requires : to Africa , a native clergy of black hands lifting your body ; to Asia , a rich harvest from the red blood , seed of her martyrs ; to Oceania , a necklace of islands made into a Rosary for the faith ; to Europe , already so tired , a renewal of youth at the altar of God ; to America , an exchange of the pearl of great price for material riches .
6 I may give away everything I have , and even give up my body to be burned — but if I have no love this does me no good .
7 I should add that there are also a great many flowers that seem to have rather negative meanings , such as the lovely little lawn daisy , which apparently means ‘ delay ’ , or ‘ return after a few days when I may give you an answer ’ — not necessarily the most suitable text to put on a bookmark .
8 The thing is , Bob , if I may give you some advice based on long and hard experience , not to start off by renting somewhere , if you can possibly avoid it . ’
9 if I may give you a word of advice , you may think it 's rude , but when Mr is asking questions try not to turn down towards him , if you try and face across the jury , that 's what carries the voice if you 're looking at them , if you turn to your left , a bit of your head goes down a bit , it 's only natural , you 're not as used to courts as Mr is , er , he , he , your , it , your voice smothers , it 's not a question of shouting it 's just looking in the right direction , yes Mr go on
10 I I 'm grateful Mr Deputy Speaker and I I will certainly er stay in order but the British electorate coming up to June the ninth and the European er elections will not know even if we pass these particular proposals tonight er in which constituencies they will be voting and if I may give an illustration as the honourable member for Truro did er er as far as his European constituency is concerned er the European constituency of Derbyshire Ashfield will d be divided into three different directions as the result of this particular order in council if we pass it tonight .
11 ‘ I would have had no objection to telling them the position , in all honesty we could have done that and I may give them advance warning next year . ’
12 The craziness of the theatre business was apparent from day one and about three weeks into my ten week contract , I thought I ought to give Peace Corps another try .
13 And and he said well do you think I ought to give her , you know , what about two pound a week ?
14 In fact I 'll give my neighbours who live opposite , I do n't see a lot of them but they they are my opposite neighbours and of course the 's really I 'm on good terms with I ought to give them I 'll get them a tin of biscuits as well .
15 " Perhaps " said Peter Alliss its original designer with Dave Thomas " Someone should give praise where praise is due . "
16 When he says , ‘ I must give over this life ’ , you know he wo n't .
17 I must give you my personal assurances that this infant is receiving perfect care .
18 ‘ I owe him my life so I must give him my life .
19 If I do it I must give at least ten pounds and I simply have n't got ‘ em . ’
20 I must give Ibanez another brief round of applause for the positioning of the screws on the truss rod cover .
21 ‘ Yet today , if I must give reasons for the love-affair we all shared with Nigel , it is not difficult .
22 I felt that if , for perfect reasons of conscience , I could not fight for her , I must give her up for ever .
23 I must give you a reason for fighting .
24 ‘ That reminds me , I must give you back the two pounds you sent me .
25 Dear God , I must give up drink .
26 And I must give them quittance .
27 I must give credit to one speaker though , an MP from Burnley .
28 ‘ But you were right when you insisted that I must give myself the opportunity to learn my true feelings , although … ’
29 I must give this to the Prime Minister , explain the strong feelings and see whether the guidelines can be altered so that it becomes more usual to impose a stiffer sentence .
30 I must give Kim a ring .
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