Example sentences of "[pron] [modal v] [noun prp] " in BNC.

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1 A week later whom should Odets name but Kazan ?
2 And if I may Mr chairman , something that 's happened in the last few days , that 's er evident that er the been the first satellite survey in this country ever which is now beginning to show to the nation , just in fact the damage that roads have been doing and that there 's in fact now some suggestion from government that they may be rethinking some elements of these roads , because the environmental impact has not really been taken into account as effectively before .
3 I should like i if I may Mr Deputy Speaker , to commend Welsh billing authorities for their better than expected performance in collecting the council tax .
4 I think I ought Steve Davis .
5 Even though I come from Cuba and have naturally dark skin , it 's very dry so I always carry my Must de Cartier body lotion with me .
6 Also on the limestone , I Should Coco , E5 6b , the line of four bolts right of Snails Ate My Lampshade at Bent Tor — first ascent by Pete Cresswell and Cathy Duffill .
7 So I 'll Sally .
8 I 'll Sadie ye .
9 Right , right , I 'll Mr Chairman , I think that 's alright .
11 Why I 'll Friday night ?
12 Yeah I 'll see what they say , you know , erm I 'll John , he had a set of erm high backed reproduction erm what do they call them now ?
13 In fact I 'll , I 'll Xerox it and pass it round if people are interested .
14 I explained as succinctly as I could Archie 's difficulty .
15 I could ABAB ABAB or even ABAB CDCD .
16 Course I 'd like it , if I could June I would like it for Friday .
17 And , ah , oh aye , and she says they 're out playing and the s and she says you know what kids are like Jean , and she says like I would n't try even to say to my kids not to go near them because you would n't tell them because they 're only kids and she says they 're like playing in the square and she says like I would David and down here you know when I was coming down
18 yes I would Mr. Chairman erm I concur with every word that and confirm that support er mostly er
19 I will Bert , and thanks again , ’ came the reply .
20 Me , I will Debbie
21 I will Sid , and thank you . ’
22 Yes I can Stanley it 's just a
23 Reports from the US suggest that Covia 's software will also be snapped up by Sun Microsystems Inc , which could OEM CI as an add-on to its Open Networking Computing environment .
24 Which would Sophia prefer ? he asked himself .
25 Unfortunately " they did not have information on any program which would de with a small issue of some 500 items .
26 The problem was , whom could Napoleon III marry ?
27 And who should Mr Milburn be but your dear Andrew .
28 He had gone out of her life suddenly and without explanation and try as she might Theresa simply could not get over losing him .
29 Power did count in the end , though , for try as she might Mills could not contain the might of Italy 's Emanuela Pierantozzi , the European champion , who stood a head taller and reached over with a powerful grip .
30 One would like very often to have more erm people involved in decision making , but they simply do n't have the time to inform themselves and one or two experiments in the kind of democracy you might Brian might have had in mind , came to horrible grief where decisions were taken simply uninformed and where the small number of people present who were informed were n't able to persuade the majority and the history of education is littered with them most unfortunate examples of this .
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