Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] been " in BNC.

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1 And this week the IMF made public what everyone has been saying in private : that there can be little foreign help on offer until the Soviet Union reforms its ‘ rotten ’ economy .
2 Mr David Cummings , general manager , said : ‘ We have never done anything on this scale , but everyone has been fantastic and our suppliers have stood by us . ’
3 … a flood which drowns French civilization and carries everything away as debris … a city which is a huge hotel where everyone has been and where no one remembers having seen anyone .
4 A problem with diagnosing lipid disorders is that everyone has been obsessed with examining fasting specimens , a requirement which presents two obstacles for diabetics .
5 When everyone has been checked , a senior Ranger leads about a dozen riders over to the park where less experienced riders are given lessons .
6 Because if you do , you can not fail to be deeply impressed by the very many ways in which high-fibre foods can help you to slim , and to come to the conclusion that the F-Plan is that major slimming breakthrough everyone has been seeking for so long .
7 It 's their last song , the one everyone has been waiting for , it 's their biggest hit — it 's a hysterical cock-up .
8 Yes , I know everyone has been drinking Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon for ages , but Bulgaria has much more to offer , with original grape varieties such as Melnik , Gamza and Mavrud which are not grown elsewhere .
9 The new format of the double morning services is working well and everyone has been very co-operative .
10 He told the press , ‘ Everyone has been truly wonderful to me .
11 Everyone has been lost and found again , everyone is lost , will be found again .
12 And , with Norway roaring away at the top of England 's World Cup group , everyone has been able to see their quality .
13 Everyone has been nice to me . ’
14 It seems only appropriate to begin this chapter by establishing the limits of the subject , because not everyone has been in agreement as to where influence ends and control begins .
15 Everyone has been so friendly .
16 Everyone has been asking this questions since it was announced that Holiday '91 Presenter Anne Gregg will be leaving the programme later this month at her BBC bosses ' request .
17 Not everyone has been having a bad recession , and not everyone believes they must prune radically their investment and marketing budget .
18 Everyone has been burned before — everybody knows the pain . ’
19 Ernestine — everyone has been concerned about you . ’
20 ‘ It has been a marvellous season for me and everyone has been really pleased with my progress .
21 Everyone has been so generous .
22 Everyone has been superlative .
23 Everyone has been burned before — everybody knows the pain . ’
24 Everyone has been so kind in the company .
25 If Kenny Shields is n't allowed to buy players soon , instead of being expected to rely on free transfers etc , then it is going to be a very , very long season for all at Carrick when everyone has been looking forward to so much .
26 Everyone has been affected .
27 Everyone has been excellent during this nightmare . ’
28 Everyone has been very positive , ’ he said .
29 Fletcher said : ‘ Our batting department has let us down in both Tests , although everyone has been working hard on their game and how to combat their spinners on turning pitches .
30 We have been taking a lot of coal out these last few days , everyone has been putting the hours in .
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