Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Rincewind looked around nervously for a tall figure in black ( wizards , even failed wizards , have in addition to rods and cones in their eyeballs the tiny octagons that enable them to see into the far octarine , the basic colour of which all other colours are merely pale shadows impinging on normal four-dimensional space .
2 Smart army WAR in the 21st century will see soldiers in ‘ smart ’ helmets that allow them to see through clouds and over hills , according to a report from America 's National Research Council .
3 As Pathfinders they had the extra advantage of being able to use all the latest radar equipment to enable them to see through the layers of cloud , and when they were talking to Met Officers we would hear mysterious references to ‘ Gee ’ and ‘ H2S ’ .
4 No-one belongs to the physical elite for long .
5 ‘ You trust me to drive without keeping a constant watch ? ’
6 All I know is that I think it 's a safe distance for me to drive behind that car at any given time .
7 And there was cotton gingham at two shillings a yard , you 'd have a smashing blouse out of that at six shillings , maybe four of them to go with each of the skirts .
8 Esther , at the end of the meal , expressed her satisfaction with her new companions by inviting them to go with her to visit a friend already attending the college , an Old Girl of her school .
9 Well no , they take them to go with the horses .
10 East Germany had agreed to give them papers allowing them to go to the country of their choice , and they were expected to leave Poland ‘ in the very near future ’ .
11 Some of these girls whose families have come from rural areas in Azad Kashmir or Mirpur feel that their parents allow them to go to school only because in Britain it would be illegal for them to remain at home .
12 Most people were kept awake by Jon Wensley telling them to go to sleep .
13 In many cases , the parents of the brighter children wished them to go to the secondary school in Jarrow , an overcrowded building housing about 400 pupils in which good scholarship results were achieved , but there were serious difficulties facing their children :
14 The race is also being used by Poland , Mexico , Norway and Denmark as their trials for the Olympic Games and though the field is not so strong at the front , it looks to be a proving ground for the visitors , in an effort to beat times already set by their countrymen to enable them to go to Barcelona .
15 In addition , publicity was making benefit claimants aware of the impending changes and advising them to go to their CAB .
16 Helping residents or reminding them to go to and from the toilets is a daily part of your duties .
17 You can compel them to go to the polling station and even to put an official election slip into the ballot box but that slip could be blank or spoiled , so what would be achieved ?
18 That gentile foster parents were liable to imbue youngsters with their own values , however hard they tried to take a neutral line , was undeniable , but the alternative , to turn away children because there were not enough Jewish homes for them to go to , was rejected out of hand by the RCM 's ruling council .
19 To have done otherwise , it was argued , would have meant turning away young refugees because there were no homes for them to go to .
20 No one wanted the children to be more traumatised than they already were , she said , and it would certainly be less travelling for them to go to Inverness than to return to Kirkwall .
21 After giving instructions about his place of burial , he required them to go to his study and take out three great hampers of books and burn them , ‘ Inasmuch as all the comedies , tragedies , pastorals , etc. , heroical poems , love hymns and the like are full of idolatry and especially tend to the overthrow of the Christian religion . ’
22 Night waking Some professionals suggest that parents should wake their children at certain times during the night to get them to go to the lavatory .
23 Associated Fire Alarms Ltd , the Court of Appeal held that although there was an implied term in the employees ' contracts entitling the employer to move them within reasonable daily commuting distance of their homes in Liverpool , the site which the company wished them to go to — Barrow-in-Furness — was beyond this reasonable distance .
24 Otherwise , the lawyers have to sort out things like what rights are retained by shareholders , access to new revisions , compensation plans , employment contracts , shared AT&T/USL patents , pension plans and whether USL employees still have a right to go back to work at AT&T , an enticement used to get them to go to USL in the first place .
25 Various high-ranking people , ending up with the governor himself , turned up , asking them to go to bed , but they would n't go .
26 You do n't want them to go to the police , do you ? ’
27 When Loc , with another worried glance in Jacques Devraux 's direction , insisted it was time for them to go to bed , Paul galloped across the clearing with little Hoc on his shoulders and dumped the boy squealing with laughter on his sleeping mat .
28 They wash them , help them perform the intimate functions of relieving bladder and bowels , change dressings on wounds , give medicine , help them take their first steps after an operation , make beds , waken them up , tell them to go to sleep , close their eyes when they die .
29 He wanted them to go to college and learn to be businessmen .
30 But it 's important that they get abroad and see these because they also imbibe a lot of feeling from just walking around these places and seeing what the ladies are wearing so it 's very important for them to go to those places .
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